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2011 Explorer Remote start fob alarm pressed and cannot reset - help


June 16, 2011
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Fishersville, VA
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2011 Explorer XLT
In my 2011 Explorer we have 4 programmed keys and 2 remote start fobs with an alarm button on it. The wife accidentally hit the alarm on the remote start fob and now we cannot use the 4 keys to unlock, lock or set the panic alarm off. You have to use the physical key to open the door and must then put the key into the ignition within 12 seconds or the alarm goes off until the key is inserted. The remote fob will still remotely start the vehicle.

How do I reset this so the keys work again and not have to deal with a physical key?


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I would probably disconnect the battery for an hour or so and then see if it resets. Warning, it may reset other settings as well.

^^ What my suggestion would have been as well.


Thank you for the replies but why would Ford make a button to put the system into a passive alarm and the only way to get it out is to disconnect the battery? Or worse, get you to come in for a service call and charge you money to reset it. That’s a freaking scam.

Things break and can malfunction at times due to no fault of the manufacture or user. Especially on a 8-9 year old vehicle, or even a new on for that matter. Electronics don't work forever, even if we wished that they would.