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2011 Explorer.

I agree wholeheartedly, Full Force. I know what Ford is doing, and it's not much like what everyone is thinking...

Dealer invoice on a Flex Limited AWD with ECOBoost is $39k. Pay off that... ;)

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I wanted a Flex, but did not want that payment!! I like the Limiteds...

I don't see why Toyota can make off-roaders (4Runner anyone?), yet Ford is changing the most iconic SUV ever into a crossover? It's just silly, quite honestly. Though IRS has some excellent benefits (ride, handling, compactness), I would much rather have a well designed solid axle in the rear (even though I have an '06).

2011 explorer

makes me love my 2000 explorer xlt even more

2.0 Ecoboost with 270bhp is much better than anything offered in the expo right now. Gets my:thumbsup:

who cares.. it's WWD.. Wrong Wheel Drive.. I'll never buy it.. besides my winch would look stupid on the front of that..

are they all just awd or do they come in 4wd. it really doesnt matter when its 3 in off the ground tho..good for snow but not much else