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2011 HID's vs 2013 HID's


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July 24, 2011
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Shelton, CT
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2013 Limited(lemon swap)
Besides for the auto high beams, the projectors used in the 2013 are far superior to the ones in the 2011. Better light distribution, especially to the sides, not as steep of a step in the cutoff either.

Seems to put out a lot more light as well.

Very happy with whatever Ford did to them.

I'll take a picture of the difference as soon as I get a chance to.

Here is a pic of the 2011. If it's dark out later and not raining, I'll try and get a picture of the 2013.


^ your garage looks like it could use a little TLC :)

Not my garage, just a random one next to a church parking lot that doesn't have any lights. And is nice and flat.