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2011 Not Here Yet - Advice Please On Handling


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July 26, 2011
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2011 Explorer
We ordered a 2011 Limited, 201A pkg, FWD in early April.

We were told it COULD be as many as 12 weeks to get, but that the factory was ASKING dealers for FWD orders, they were backlogged on 4WD orders. The hope was that we could get it sooner (and cheaper, of course) if we ordered FWD.

It was built on May 19th, after 5 weeks.

It was on "quality hold", I presume sitting outdoors, with 6000 others in Chicago (less than 150 miles from me) ever since.

They were supposed to have all 6000 done by 6/30.

Still no word (today is 7/26)

It has endured thunderstorms (with possible hail) and at least 2 - 1 week heat spells with temps at 95+ (car has black interior - only because it looks better than the 1 alternative).

The 2012's are being ordered.

We are told that (with the exception of maybe a $1000 rebate instead of $500) the price will not be adjusted downward to compensate for it now being 1 model year old.

I would love to tell FORD to shove it somewhere and never buy from them again despite being a loyal Ford owner all my life (current ride is 1998 F150, 225,000 miles).

How should I handle this? Obviously I need to do a FULL checkout of the vehicle before signing (other poster warned of this, plus look for hail & interior damage)

One of these days the dealer will call (I think) and say "good news, we have your antique, er, I mean, new car! come pay us $45,000".

Should I really be willing to pay full price?

So what if a 2012 is $1000 more, wouldn't it be worth much more than that if I trade in 1 - 3 years?

Advice appreciated.


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At this point, I would just reorder a 2012, and get what you want, FWD or 4WD. I wouldn't take that one.

I'm as loyal as they come, but watching this launch is like watching someone screw up a last-second field goal to lose a game on Thanksgiving. Or maybe lose a touchdown by having a football knocked out of your hands while showboating.

Ford's 2011 Explorer launch = Leon Lett

Am I obligated (legally or otherwise) to take this one?


Several members have ordered and taken delivery of second vehicles and the dealer happily took the first one on as stock since they can't really get a good supply on the lots anyway. Some have gone to the same dealer, some have gone to competing dealers and let them race for the sale.

same problem

Mine is still sitting there from 06/01/11 so I'm having the same dilema. I noticed the 2010 Explorers in my area are now 10,000 off sticker price since I'm getting a explorer now a year old why not 2
I too have had about enough