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2011 Ranger not for U.S.


It's green, not gray.
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Here's the story about the death of the ranger:


This Kuzak guy has the most contradictory statements i've ever heard, it seems like Ford is unsure about killing off the Ranger. This article makes me so mad! What is Ford thinking?! 75,000 annual sales for a truck that hasn't had a major redesign...EVER, in 26 years of production, and Ford doesn't see a market. In 2008 the Tacoma had almost 145,000 sales. I'd be willing to bet that market would easily double if there was a Ranger available that could keep up with the competition. I know Ford does extensive market research, but this seriously has me doubting them this time. In 2008 the Tacoma had almost 145,000 sales. Ford LET the japanese takeover this segment of the market, IMO.

And 90% the size of the F150? They say this new ranger is on a global platform. If the F150 is too big for the rest of the world, then how the hell do they expect 90% of the F150 to be the right size?! And if the new ranger is too close in size to the F150 for the U.S., then MAKE THE DAMN THING SMALLER! Why do car makers always think that bigger is better? The explorer began to die the same time that they made it bigger. I see a trend here, leave well-enough alone.

So to conclude, if you need an inexpensive truck, buy a fiesta. :rolleyes: [/rant]

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Thats just crazy. I love my ranger now and wouldn't hesitate to buy another if I had the money, granted I would buy an extended cab over my reg cab

I agree on the sizes of new vehicles. I drove my 2004 F150 for a couple of years, and it was large. My '99 Ranger was MUCH easier to navigate in parking lots, etc..., and as much as I actually USED the bed, it was just fine. The F150 is too hard to get into the bed of from the sides, and the constant out-building of other car companies means that vehicles keep getting bigger and bigger.

My Dad's 2010 F150 feels even larger than my 2004 when I know it isn't. I actually don't like driving it.

I mean- the argument against the Explorer is a valid point- I took this pic of Snowball next to a Gen 3:


The size is an issue- when I had my 2003 Ex, it was big. My Gen 2's are a perfect size- they hold a lot of crap, and are very easy to maneuver and drive. Easy to park, and height isn't an issue.

If they lopped 20% of the size from all mid-large vehicles and start the progression over, I'd be for that.

I do know that there was design block on the Ranger, since the 1993 redesign was so good- as the years went on, they kept looking like they were just changing looks for the sake of changing looks- it's at a dead end, and needs a complete rebuild to start over. Unfortunately, the cost recovery isn't there to do so.

Here is the T6 global rendering...


I just figured that trucks and SUV's were designed by city folk, for city folk. Even the F-150's have become a car for all intents and purposes. I can't really justify anything smaller than a 3/4 ton... unless I only need to haul golf clubs and groceries.

I don't mind my Ranger, but it is pretty much all kinds of useless and I am in the 3/4 ton or my unlces 1 ton several times a month...

It is good for hauling garbage to the dump, as long as I don't have a lot of it.

What the heck are all the parts stores gonna use for a delivery vehicle if they don't make a ranger?

man do i love the ranger if Ford drops it i think they are making a big mistake

I do know that there was design block on the Ranger, since the 1993 redesign was so good

My very first new vehicle was a 1993 Ranger 2WD Shortbed with 2.3L and 5 Speed. When the 93 came out...thought it was simply the sharpest, cleanest most modern looking truck ever.

Mine too-

1993 4-cylinder MT. They were running the $99/month lease thing. With A-plan I was paying $69/month for hte truck, and $73/month for insurance. LOL!

Back when I had hair...


God, I sure went to hell...


Hey Brooklyn- look- our Aerostar!! :D
(And Mom's '93 Tracer LTS behind my truck)

guys age like wine they get better lol. . ..
Anyways, we have two trucks a heep which is 16yrs/170k and the Ex 5yrs/80k, time for something new. We go camping up north, couple of times a year, so 14 days out of the year maybe the F150 would be a better choice for our towing needs but what about the other 351 days of the year? I won't buy a F150, just to big looking of a truck, no matter what the mpg are. I was hoping they would come out with a mini-F150/ST sized IFS/IRS. My 3rd gen has one of the sharpest turning radius, its easy to maneuver and park. The F150 super-crew/long bed looks like a whale and from the looks won't fit in anyone's garage.

Who is ford listening too? They outsourced that too? There seem to be a big void in the lineup for 2011? :fire:
2010 we have:
Large - Expedition/F150
Mid - Explorer/SportTrac
Small - Escape/Ranger

2011 we have:
Large - Expedition/F150
Mid - 2011Explorer/nothing
Small - Escape /nothing

At least i have a plan B . . .used. :p:

Used is a stellar idea... :)

Ford has conducted research that shows that the majority of Ranger buyers don't purchase the vehicle because it's a pickup. Instead, they come into the showroom looking for the least expensive, most economical Ford available.

Here you go. Ford isn't going to make it anymore, not because it ISN'T popular, but because it's their best deal.

Why take away a good deal? So buyers have to choose something else. i.e. a newer, higher profit model, which both makes money and inflates sales figures.

This is dumb beyond reason though. The 2WD 4 cyl Ranger was a great all-around ride, the 2WD with a 4.0 and manual tranny was practically a factory sport truck, and the 4WD with 4.0 was all we had left after the Explorer went to a car body.

What's really stupid is that Ford, after all these years, brought back the Taurus AND the Taurus SHO since they finally figured out it did so well because that's what buyers wanted. But they axe the Ranger, a popular, well known model, shortly afterwards.

Looks like one hand doesn't know what the other is doing, and it will be some time before those parts of Ford re-discover why the Explorer and Ranger did so well for them, too.

Oh well, maybe they will be better when they bring them back.

Worst part of the whole thing is that it seems like the end of the line for the Cologne 4.0L V6.

Ford sucks! I bought a 98 then a 2004 Level II Ranger. The Level II is awesome. It will run 80 douwn the highway all day long, then crawl around in the rocks of curse the beach. Stock 4.0 SOHC, 5-speed manual, 4x4, 4.10 axle gears, skid plates, 31-spline 8.8 rear with a Torsen limited slip, Bilstien shocks, 31x10.5 BFG ATs, alloy wheels, factory lift and special interior. It gets good gas mileage, but will burn up the tires on the pavement. It is easy to drive. It will get down the skinny "jeep" trails. If I could get a new one I would buy it today. I dont want a F-150. When I do replace the Level II it will not be with a F-150 or F-100 or whatever thay want to call it. I feel that Ford has sold me out, and I am very unhappy about it. I have been a loyal Ford customer. That will change when Ford drops the ball iin 2011.

Rant off.

That is one ugly ass....thing. If people wanted a truck that size, they'd just buy a F-150. That thing is huge, like xbox huge. I drove my boss's 09 F-150 and it was worse than driving my 64 Buick.

lame. I've been looking for an old ranger to buy lately and have been smitten with the little pickups. This is a bad move for Ford imo.

I actually like the new ranger, I am surprised to hear that the US won't see it in the near future. My father in law has a 2001 taco and comparing the size of the 2001 ranger and tacoma, they are nearly identical in size. the new tacoma is almost that same size as a F150 (give or take). It doesn't surprise me that ford had to up the ante on the new ranger as well. With that said, why not make a mini raptor and call it a ranger...now there's an idea.
Ford NEEDS a good small 4X4 pickup, the F150 is just too damn long (except raptor...I would sacrifice a kidney for that beauty).

You and i think alike. Wish Ford did the same.

New F150s start at $22,000. Rangers are about $4000 less.

They are going to be leaving a lot of people who can't afford an F150 out in the cold.

Well I can only assume all of the bickering and complaining Ford is going to get over the next year is going to make Ford create one hell of a 2012 Ranger (for the states). :thumbsup:

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You and i think alike. Wish Ford did the same.

I actually think a mini raptor would be a better 4 wheeler using the ranger frame (oh god....I hope it still has a frame :rolleyes: ) I wish more people thought like us! :D