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2011 Ranger not for U.S.

Well I can only assume all of the bickering and complaining Ford is going to get over the next year is going to make Ford create one hell of a 2012 Ranger (for the states). :thumbsup:

You know what happens when you assume!

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I am a 4x4 guy. Use my vehicle to fish the beach. Ford is going to lose their 4x4 market to toyota and jeep. Ground clearance on every vehicle except the raptor is about 7.5 inches at the lowest point. Compare that to Toyota and Jeep at 9.5 inches. Dodge is making the same mistake with the Durango. The Ranger was used by life guards up and down the Jersey shore. The police used the explorer and durango. That business is going to dissappear. Even when they changed the Explorer to the 3rd gen., they still were functional for off road purposes. The 2011 will change all that. Toyota has the 4runner, tacoma and FJ Cruiser. All are great off road. Jeep has the wrangler and new cherokee. Besides the raptor, what does Ford offer for 2011? I've been a Ford guy for a long time. That may change soon.


My 06 ranger 3l LB auto, is a farm truck and it does the job. Every season I carry 2 cords firewood a trip until I get 20 cords, and that's where I can get the wood which could be 25miles. I can hook the trailer on for an extra cord and I'm sure it could take it. It had 300 miles on it when it got it's first ding, a log thrown over the cab. :mad:

I don't like the tin sides and wheel wells and box base. These should be 14 -12 gauge. Walk around the box and you'll dent it good. I think the box should have a diamond plate bottom and inside tail gate too has stock items. This should keep the weight distribution better has well has strengthen it, the cost of an additional 140$ wouldn't matter much.

I can match anything a 150 will carry, and even had a few guys worried at Home Depot when they saw me come out the store with a full dolly. I've carried 1300 lbs at times.

The thing is if you want more than a show truck you need to get rid of the useless ext-cab and trade that for more box room. Order payload package 2, then trade rear shocks for munro air shocks. Don't worry the shock mounts can take the loads. You can order the high ratio axle but I found it does all right with stock.

Recently it pulled my double axle trailer with 2 yards of rock powder, this not counting the 1000 lbs for the trailer. The quarry is 2 stories deep and it did the earth ramp in 2 gear, od off with no problems. A great city truck too and I can weave in and out of traffic no problems and excellent on gas.

Anyone know if they'll dump the mazda too? Kind of insulting if they sack the ranger and keep the mazda.

I'll go to the 150 if I have to but I'll go kicking and screaming all the way.


i don't know for sure, but i saw a new Ranger (at least the lift gate said so) tooling around. It looked 4-Door, larger than the current rangers smaller than a F150 of course; MFG plates. this might suggest next 1 or 2 years? Disappeared before i could get the camera. Although it could be the current export model. . .

Here's the official explanation: http://www.thecarconnection.com/new...2-ford-ranger-not-coming-to-the-u-s-heres-why

Makes sense, I suppose, but I really like the Ranger. The F-150 seems huge; I'm sure that it would not fit in my garage. Apparently, a lot of Rangers were bought for local delivery service. Ford seems to think that the Focus, Fiesta, and Transit Connect can fill this role and that people who really want or need a pickup will opt for the F150. I do see a lot of Transit Connects marked with company logos, but it is not available in 4WD and I think a 2.0L (the Duractec
used in the Focus) is underpowered for a truck, though it moves my 2010 Focus just fine.

I would like to replace my vintage 92 explorer with a Ranger, when the time comes, but what are the options now?