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2012 Explorer. Decisions, decisions ...

You'll be passing me soon enough. I've had mine 9 1/2 months and have 7,111 km on the vehicle.
It has sat in the garage for the past 4 days and I won't be going anywhere today either. Haven't much of a chance to drive in any amount of snow yet as there wasn't any until a week ago. It has been virually trouble free but I am going to take it in to have the unexpected courtesy wipe taken care of. I believe they replace a control module.
Happy New Year. :chug:


Yup, this car is being out everyday and we are so happy about it, We have a lexus es330 and Im dead serious the ex is more comfy quite, and safer that the lexus been garaged since we got the ex.

Happy New Year buddy :)

Okay, time for a new SUV, although I am very happy with my current Buick Rendezvous. Must be the new car itch at work. ‘Had narrowed the field down to the Buick Enclave, Caddy SRX, MB ML 350, Highlander, Pilot, and the Mazda CX-9. THEN I really noted what was done with the all new 2011 Explorer. VERY impressed with the size, fuel economy, apparent quality, and the wealth of safety features which is absent in most of the others. Could it be time to go back to Ford? Took a brief test drive. Impressed. At the time, the only thing I was apprehensive about was that naked looking instrument panel, (before ya fire things up)!

Here’s how I’d build my X: Limited 4WD, Ingot silver, light stone leather, 302A, polished wheels, DP moon roof. Next stop, check out the web. Ford site extremely informative with all the videos.

Lets go to the forums. “Explorerforum.com” excels. But uh oh, what’s all THIS ???
A pillar noise, steering that can lock up when driving, MFT quirks, badly aligned instrument panels and tailgates, tin roof sounds in hard rains, fan failures, streaky windows, squeaky brakes, etc. Okay, the X is all new from the ground up. Teething pains perhaps? But that many? ‘Sure as heck won’t mention this stuf to my better half !
Another nagging point: many of the competitive models are “recommended” by Consumer Reports. Not the Explorer - what the ??? With all it has going for it ???
Go figure.

‘Holding off signing on the dotted line until I see how FMC handles the probs on the 2012 models. BTW, I continue leaning toward the Explorer, one MAJOR reason is that they actually monitor this forum via “Cory”. Very smart move …

Lurking …

PS: 'sorry 'bout the cross post, I'm only a freshman here!

Just an idea but the 2013MY is starting production in a few weeks so I would suggest you wait and look at the subtle changes (improvements) in the 13MY.

Check out the previous thread on 2013 Ex