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2012 Explorer Limited Help


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March 1, 2012
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Edmonton, Alberta
I ordered my 2012 Explorer Limited on Nov 24, 2011. I've got a VIN and window sticker. Looks like it was built Jan 20 but according to the dealer it's still in Chicago. Anybody have any idea what's talking so long? It's 14 weeks today since I made the order.


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I have now been told me vehicle is never coming and it looks like Ford doesn't give a crap. Nobody from Ford Canada has contacted me about what has happened or what they are going to do for me. I have 3 customer service reps "looking into it" but don't get back to me. I have a dealer that thinks I should settle for whatever they can find and I should pay for all the option upgrades. I have done the majority of the inventory searching myself. I just don't know why I should get an Explorer anymore. I'm close to giving up.

Disappointed and heartbroken.

Dealer found me a replacement. Got it on Sunday. Sunny skies ahead.

Skies are once again cloudy. The customer service manager that said he would call me back a week ago is now ignoring my messages. Customer service has provided absolutely nothing to this whole disaster. I'm still out of pocket for having to find a suitable replacement to my order that will never arrive. This will be the first and last Ford I ever buy.