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2013 Explorer Cargo Cover


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June 8, 2012
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2013 Explorer
I've looked all over the interwebs for a cargo cover for my new explorer that will cover from the back door all the way up to the back of the front seats i.e. second row seats down but haven't had any luck. My dog really prefers to ride right behind me with the 2nd row seats down and his head out the window but it looks like he might be out of luck? Anyone got any tips on where I could find a cargo cover this size or where I could get one custom made?

Find a local upholstery shop, and they could make something up. The aftermarket may not have anything yet...

Does the aftermarket have anything like this for a 2012 Explorer? Its the same body/design as the 2013 and all I have been able to find is a matt that sits behind the 2nd row seats over the stored away 3rd row seats.