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2013 Explorer - Maxliner Floormat Review -- Pics Added


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May 22, 2013
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2013 Ford Explorer Sport
I'll be posting pics later, but thought I'd throw a review up for anyone interested.

First, the price is hard to beat: $190 for all three rows (cargo area not included but available.)

They are custom form fit like WeatherTechs or the Husky Liners.

They didn't seem grippy at first when I pulled them from box, but seems that most shoe treds will grip them. Tennis shoes grip them very well.

Fit: All fit well except that on the driver seat mat, the snaps to fit the existing factory snaps were off just a little. With some work, they snap in and hold but it took some tugging!

Overall, a very nice product.

You can find them here and a few other places if you google A0082/B0082/C0082

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Post em lets see how they are.
I vacuum the car weekly, ...thinking about plasti dipping all the frigging carpet...:D

Here is a post with Husky pics.
Husky Liners in a 2013 Ex

I have Huskys and WTech, I went with the Huskys, more coverage up front and much better 2nd row fit with cool tread.

Front Driver
As you can see, it doesn't completely cover foot rest like I believe some do.


2nd Row
Tucks well under front row seats, also tucks under front center console.

2nd row - view under front seat

3rd row