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2013 Explorer Police Interceptor Backup Sensors... Can we add it?


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May 15, 2020
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2013 Ford Explorer PIU
Hey all!
I'm reposting this question here, as I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing. : )
I'm trying to decide whether or not to add parking sensors to my 2013 Police Interceptor Utility. Long story short, I added the receiver hitch (Ford OEM) and don't remember getting the wiring harness with all of the connectors for the parking sensors, but there they are. So the hitch is done (love it : ) and the harness is installed, and I just left the sensor connectors unhooked. I'll seal them off if I don't use them, before I put the bumper cover back on. I can get $10ea sensors from Amazon that will plug right in to the connectors. Then I just have to drill the bumber and install the sensors.
I removed the RH side panel to check for the parking aid module, and it's not there, just the connector for it. I can get the box for $50 from Ebay.
Does anyone know what else I would need to make the parking sensors functional?

Somehow it ties in to the audio system. The radio works, but nothing else on the audio panel does anything. BTW, what is the "Phone" button and number keypad for?

Also, does anyone have the original console mount that covered all the wires? I believe Ford had one on there in the beginning.


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Excellent questions about the backup sensors. I'm looking for the same info.

I'd be interested in this too! But for a 2015 model year.