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2013 Explorer Sport: Anyone with aftermarket wheels


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December 3, 2012
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Magnolia, Texas
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2014 Explorer Sport
Does anyone have pics of their Sport with aftermarket wheels?

I know its a personal preference, but I will be changing the wheels. I don't like painted wheels on any vehicle.

I am ordering my Sport the day the 2014's are available.....I am curious if anyone else changed theirs.

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I have wheels that I had on my 2011 that I will be putting on my 2013 Sport. I will most likely be putting them on this weekend if not next. Depends on the snow! Here is a picture of them on my 2011. If I don't like the way they look on my 2013 Black Sport then I will sell them and go with something else. I will post pictures once I put them on my sport!


Hey CobraJohn. Sorry I still have my stock wheels for now. Good to see another Texan though! Howdy!

Anyone else with aftermarket wheels?

I bet the wheels would look amazing dipped in Chrome and mounted. I love the design, just not to much of a fan of the black inside the rim.

Yes.....my Sport Wheels will be for sale around the middle to late July when my 2014 arrives.

I already bought my wheels and they are sitting in my garage. Cannot wait to see Chrome Wheels on my Sport.

The photo isn't ideal for seeing what this wheel looks like, but here's my 2013 Sport with KMC Skitch 20" chrome wheels. Really happy with them so far.

I'll probably try to Craigslist my OEM wheels in hopes of finding someone in the Seattle area that wants them. My preference is to avoid the shipping hassle if I can. I might still go through the forum, though, since they're already in boxes.


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Those actually look good but can you take some daylight shots to see the coloring a little better.

Dip looks good.:thumbsup: Now the door handles need to be done!;)

Those look really good.....you gotta dip your door handles or swap with a set of black 2015 body colour handles.