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2013 explorer XLT front caliper suspension bushings


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January 24, 2017
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2013 XLT
I'm about to replace front rotors and pads on my 2013 Explorer XLT with towing package (3.5L). I keep seeing the guide pin boot kit with 2 front caliper suspension bushings included (ex. Advance Auto Parts - Down for Maintenance). I'm wondering how to remove the boots and where these bushings go.

Guide pin boots with bushings.jpg

Yes, they come with the guide pin boots, part of #11 in the diagram you linked.

Okay I actually have the parts in hand, and the image is a little bit deceiving the two small parts actually go on the very end of the guide pin. I don't know if I got the right guide pins and boots for my vehicle for sure or not. I'll have to look and see when I take it apart.