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May 6, 2017
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Hey all, I have a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT and its pulling pretty bad to the right under acceleration and bumps as well as being pulled right when the road has more of an angle to it. I just had an alignment after replacing the Struts. The sway bar links were swapped out and I had my local shop make sure everything was torqued down correctly. I thought that I had not torqued down the top strut nut but went to the shop today and they confirmed they had so thats not the issue. Everything is tight and right with the way the strut is mounted and the same with the sway bar links. Tires are not worn, rear are brand new, fronts are worn evenly and have a little life, same exact tires all the way around. The issue is not tire wear or air pressure, I am not getting any noises over bumps. I get a slight crunch noise if I turn the car left and accelerate quick. Its to the point where if I am on the gas I need to input the wheel 3-5 degrees to the left to keep it going straight. When I let off the gas and I am on a flat not bumpy road the car will go straight at 40-60 MPH or whatever speed. Guys at the shop and I shot the shi* for a few min, there were really busy, guy was mentioning it could be a motor mount but I don't have any rattle or noise that would indicate that. The pull seems to be more pronounced with the more torque I put in, the faster I accelerate it pulls worse, you can feel the pull letting up as you let go of the gas and the load is taken off the front end.

I could not get in to the shop for an actual appointment until four days from now, I can't wait four days, I will take it somewhere else or if I can diagnose it myself and do it myself I will. Anyway, if anyone could help shed some light here it would be greatly appreciated. I have owned a 97 and 05 explorer prior to this, longtime onlooker of this forum, first time poster.


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December 28, 2010
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I wonder if it could be an issue with the Electric Power Assisted System (EPAS) system?