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2013 sun visor question


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November 25, 2010
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1997 XLT; 325,000 miles
My wife just bought a 2013 Explorer XLT to replace her Taurus Limited I totaled out when I hit a deer. One of the things I liked about it was that the sun visor had homelink. I want to replace the current sun visor with one that has it. The only ones I have found say for use with Explorer's that have a sun roof. What is the difference between the two?
Also, the interior trim code is BW what color is this? I believe it is charcoal but want to be sure. Thanks

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I have a 2013 XLT and added the homelink to my visor. I do have the sun-roof, but not sure if that really makes a difference. As long as you have a lighted visor mirror then you should be good to go.

If you go to my post here: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=419054&highlight=homelink

I posted a link to a guide on how to do it yourself for cheap. When I searched for a visor with the homelink installed it was over $200 for it. The biggest key is having a power source in the visor

thanks Jason that's the information I was looking for. Now all I have to do is take it all apart and put the Homelink in. Was the visor glued together or is held together by plastic clips?

Also thanks Everyone else for the other links to buy one with it already installed. I may need those if adding it in does not go.as planned.

Ok, I got the visor out and have the Homelink module ready. In taking the visor apart to add the Homelink module I can't figure out how to remove the visor retainer. That the one that locks into the clip on the headliner. Any ideas on how it is held in place?

Maybe its just because brain is shutting down, but since you say you already have it out, I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about lol

if you are talking about the cover over the screws the holds the visor to the headliner, you will need to work with it with a trim remover tool or flat head screw driver, it has hooks around the edges that holds it up. Also don't forget your visor can move toward the passenger side a bit which will help get the cap out of the way for the screws.

Hope that helps some, if not let me know.

Well I have never been accused of being the brightest bulb in the pack. LOL

But in this case I have the visor sitting on the counter in the house. In all the how-to's the seam for the visor fabric is on the opposite side of the one I have. So I can't get the fabric peeled back far enough to get to the cut out. If I can get the plastic clip off I can easily peel back the fabric to get to the cutout. This one has really got me stumped.

ok, like I said, my brain isn't functioning fully (long day, and now compounded with Rum :) ) anyway, I had the same issue, and just after I had the fabric completely out of the teeth on the right side (would be passenger side if put up in the car) and seamed ripped. I just kept working it and pulling it as far as I could, you can't separate the two halves (without breaking) and you can't pull anything else off that I could see. I was able to to just uncover the section that needs to be cut out. I then carefully used a utility knife to cut it out instead of a rotary tool. wasn't fun, and wasn't easy.

Hopefully that helps :)

Well I took the plunge and just manhandled the fabric out of the way. Figured if I ruined it I would just buy a new one. I did like you said and just pushed it out of the way as far as possible and cut out the plastic. Like you said it was not fun but I got done. The fun part was all the grinding I had to do to get it to fit in the hole. But the good thing is everything is back together and using the tip about using a credit card to push the fabric back in worked GREAT. Thanks for the help sobsmb

Your very welcome, glad to hear you got it all sorted out.

Did you document the process with photos?

No, I did not document it as the instructions I followed were posted early in this thread by peterk9