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2013 Utah Old West Trails Trip report

Happy Jack

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K. The plan yesterday was for Outlaw and Gadgit to head out today for the Swell. I decided to leave via I-70 today for Denver. Found out last night that Caveman was leaving tomorrow and called him to see if we could meet up for 20 minute chicken in Green River. He told me Sundance was going tomorrow also. But Caveman said he would be in Green River to early for 20 minute chicken. Called Sundance and he said well maybe if they have it at noon time we'd have to check. Either Green River or Grand Junction at the Deli Sundance likes. On the way to Denver I was stopped to eat and checked e-mail on my phone and had word that Outlaw and Gadgit were not able to leave today and were going out tomorrow. So all 4 of us will be leaving the Denver tomorrow at different times headed for Green River. To early to tell but maybe sorta kinds plan is to meet in Green River tomorrow at 3ish in the afternoon. Maybe 20 minute chicken? We'll see who get's out when tomorrow and go from there.

I brought my camera and will do what I can to take pics and post when I can.


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Green River? As in Green River Utah or Wyoming? Where are you guys headed? Would be really cool to 'Bump' into you guys :)

with this group it could be either. But Outlaw has his stuff for the magazine articles following the Morman Trail and Butch Cassidy's folks across Wyoming. We will be in Utah this time. This will be out in the fall and cover Butch Cassidy's area near Hanksville. Then we plan to spend some time in Beef Basin. Then finish up over in the San Juans where Butch robbed the bank in Teluride.

Plan is to go over the CD today and be in Green River, UT about 3ish this afternoon. Then head on over to the Hanksville area. Not sure what we will do tomorrow. But Monday we will be down at Poison Spring Canyon. Tuesday we will break camp and head out to Hite then over to Blanding. Wednesday we will go into Beef Basin most likely from the south.
I am not sure on most of this as I'm just following along and brought a load of shootin irons for folks to try. Larry always like my 66 Winchester and were gona shoot it some. And I have a matching conversion revolver to try out as well.

..Would you mind if I add "Utah" to the title of your thread..?

..It would be a bit more descriptive for those who are searching..

That would be fine. I just didn't want to crowd yall's Moab trip to close. Makes me no never mind ifin it don't you uns.:D

No disrespect ment. I just slip into my Festus P. Hagan when I get out this way. Just pure escapism for me. Just some folks out playing like we were back in the 1800's on the outlaw trail.;)

It can be done. Caveman should be in Green River. Sundance is in stealth mode. I'm in Fruita waiting for Outlaw and Gadgit. I did not bring my cell card so this will most likely be my last contact for a while. You can get me with e-mail. My phone can do that but will not pull up this board. My old phone is dying and not sure my new one will get out much. Just have to see. May not be able to post pics till I'm headed home.

Cool, looking forward to it. Im pondering a Beef Basin trip over the holiday weekend coming up. Looking forward to hearing about it and also seeing the magazine writeup, I always like seeing your adventures in 4wdsu.

I think MrBoyle lives in fruita--


..Looking forward to the pics and stories..:biggthump

Thank ye fer the kind words. Showed the fellers the shootin irons an they was talkin bout how they was gonna split um up. Guessin I'll be doin my own spotin this trip.

Don't have my picture sizing program on this puter so I will have to wait till I get back for those. Awsome pics today. I could have spent all week out on that trail taking pics of the views. Thing is that I'm not good enough to get all that felling attached to them

Guess I killed the thread. A bit of background. Back in the 80's when Outlaw had a 4x4 travel club, folks would look at a nasty section and ask if he was going to take his stock truck over it. The answer was most always yes. So someone would say I get his computer and someone else would say I get his camera. So that has been an inside joke for about 25 years. So folks were voicing dibs on my shootin irons if I made a mistake on a bad section of trail and died. Like back in the old west when folks rode together and one died, his pards would split up his stuff.

Now we had buzzards circling, requests for me to take my breakfast to my tent in an area where locals were using dogs to hunt bears, and a Kill Bill babe luring me into the back of a remote canyon.

I am headed back and should have pics and full story next week.

Day 1: Everyone left Denver at different times. Caveman was first to Green River, Utah and went on in search for a campsite. Sundance was in Green River with extra time and went out to the old missile test site to look around. I arrived next and meet Sundance and waited for Outlaw and Gadgit. No one wanted 20 minute chicken (first time I can remember) and we headed on to meet Caveman at camp. Outlaw received a text with new gps to meet Caveman on the way. Seems there were a bunch of changes and development in the area. We all meet up and went to find a camp site. We found a place to spend a few days.


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Day 2: We took a little trip west through Wild Horse Canyon. The idea was to work north but that didn't work out. First we found a side canyon to the south to explore.


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Day 2 continued: We returned to Wild Horse and back west but could not find the north road we were looking for and continued west into Salt Wash. It was a dead end as Delorme showed and we went back east and then south on Factory Butte rd. to Hanksville, UT then back to camp.


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I missed a little bit in the earlier posts. The first night at camp I pulled out the shootin irons and folks started calling dibs on them if anything happened to me on the trail. So as you can see on the second day in Wild Horse Canyon I was out of my truck doing my own spotting and took different lines. On the second night we did a bit of shooting.

Day 3: The plan was to meet Doc T at 9:00 am to get a tour of Poison Spring Canyon. Sundance, Broke350 (my youngest son), and I had meet Doc T last August but Outlaw, Gadgit, and Caveman were unable to make it. I had mentioned going in to Hanksville for breakfast. Doc T had other plans it seemed and I decided to skip breakfast in town. I am up way earlier than the others so I left camp to go into town even before the others left camp to go for breakfast. On the way out I saw a Kill Bill babe running from a side canyon to the main road ahead of me. I stopped to see what she wanted. Said she had some trouble with her truck in the canyon and needed help. We were talking and it seemed she wanted me back in the side canyon where she could have her way with me. We were getting ready to head back in when Outlaw, Gadgit, Sundance, and Caveman showed up. Why they didn't let me go alone with the Kill Bill babe I don't know. But we all went back there and helped her break into a truck. Figured she just wanted me back in the canyon and she could have her way with me then take Sissy. When the whole bunch of us went back guess she thought it might mess up her hair or break a nail if she had to do us all in and maybe taking the truck that was back in the canyon was the best thing.

We all went to Hanksville. I meet up with Doc T while the others had breakfast. Then made the introductions. While we were in Poison Spring Canyon Doc T spotted buzzards circling us. I was starting to get a bit spooked then. Folks calling dibs on my stuff. Kill Bill babe trying to get me alone back in a side canyon. Buzzards circling...........

First 2 pics are rock art in the canyon. Third pic is where a miner walled up a spring to us while he worked in the canyon.


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We only went in the canyon to the Butch Cassidy signature then Doc T had to leave. We had lunch then headed back to Hanksville. I was having trouble with my cell phone and though maybe I needed to lay low for a bit. Outlaw and Gadgit went to the BLM office and found out where the feds had hid all the roads at. I spent 2 hours on the phone and finally was given some info on what was going on with my cell phones. Then went and took a shower. Everyone else took off somewhere while I was on the phone not getting answer's. When I made it back to camp other were back and Caveman had done some shootin. More pics in the canyon.


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Looks like the IFS treated you well. Do you like it set up like that or do you think you need more clearance?

Just curious after I talked you out of a lift kit--;)