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2013 XLT Suspension?

February 24, 2007
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2013 XLT
My '13 XLT is at Sayville Ford as one of my horns died last week, rear toe link recall, chattering front windows, and maybe a leaking PTU which is sending some nasty burning fumes into the cabin, and maybe toasted the transfer case. Other than that, its basically fine. Thank God for extended warranties.

My question today involves suspension. At 59,000 miles my XLT is very harsh over bumps. Hate it. Drove a '19 last month as a loaner with like no miles on it and it was smooth like butter and handled bumps and ruts much quieter. I know they can't compare due to age & mileage, but could my suspension be shot after only 59k miles? If I were to upgrade, without breaking the bank, and without lowering it and doing a sport suspension like some did, would you recommend going OEM or aftermarket, and a ballpark $$$$ for parts and labor?

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Have you checked the shocks? Depending on which trim the 2019 was, a Sport tuned suspension is quite different. It provides a stiffer ride than the other trims. I doubt the suspension would be "shot". Is the dealer checking that out as well while the vehicle is there?


If you were driving the same model of explorer I would first say what tires are on yours? Im doubt a 2013 has originals.
Second What air pressure are you running and what air psi was in the loaner. Dealers will set them to the minimum so they ride nice convincing people to buy new vehicles. Most tire shops will put the max psi on the sidewall of the tire because they don't care.

I'm thinking this may be a tire/psi issue. Your suspension should be ok with those miles.

Check you door sticker it gives you tire pressures if you have the stock size. I think it should be 35 cold. Thats checked after vehicle sits overnight with no sun beating on them. They will go up 3-5 psi when they get hot. Make sure you check with a good dial type gauge or a good digital gauge.The gauges on the air filler chucks and the pop out ones are inaccurate. I like checking them against other gauges from my friends to see how they read. I have found even digital and dial to be off as much as 10 psi.
I don't know what tires you had or replaced them with but if you went to a stiffer tire such as a higher ply rating etc, then you may be feeling that. The factory tires are designed for optimal ride but tire life suffers. The Handkook tires that most of these come with give you a soft ride.
I agree that with those miles unless it was used on some extremely bad roads that other than possibly struts needing to be replaced the suspension is not "shot".
How much extra weight do you carry? My wifes car car pick up several mpg and ride better after I clean it out, but thats another story.

Not saying you don't have worn parts.....
Minor changes in suspension over the years, might have more insulation, who knows. Also, new cars and the psychological factor....

I got 128k out of original suspension, and I proactively replaced. I live in Wi, poor roads. I would expect at 59k to be OK, unless you drive frost prone roads 100% of the time.

Ask them to look at next time.

My '13 has 69,000 on it and it still rides beautifully. The ride and quietness is one of the reasons we bought it. The roads here in Illinois are pretty bad, too.
I would also suspect tires / tire inflation. Mine came with Michelins and when it came time to replace, I put the exact same ones on it.

Took my car in for oil change today and mentioned my suspension clunks a bit, after many new parts. He agreed it exists slightly, but only found very minor tearing of one of the control bushing and no play with pry bar. Impressive at 137k.