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2013 XSport Sony Speaker Sizes & Locations


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May 12, 2016
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2013 Ford Explorer Sport
I am wondering what size speakers are in my 2013 XSport. Dash says Sony.
I see speaks in front door (6.5"?) and tweets in front door (1"?). I see a speaker (or is it 2 speakers) in the center dash (3.5"?). Rear doors have 6.5" speaks, but don't see any tweets in 2nd seating area anywhere. In the very very back above on either side I see speaks (maybe more 3.5"?) and of course the 8" sub is back there too.

Can anyone confirm these locations and speaker sizes so I can get to work configuring an aftermarket setup?
I plan on keeping the facory head unit (and steering wheel controls). I already have a Hifonics 5-channel amp (50x4+400x1) and 12" JL sub and 2 sets of Image Dynamics 6.5" components. What other speakers will I need and how do I get RCA output? What othe components will be necessary to run with my factory radio? And how many more channels of amp power will I need to retain stereo sound?

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Not even Crutchfield can tell me what size speakers and locations. There's a total of 12...

On my 2016 Sport I have 9 speakers.
REAR DOORS: 6.5" round w/tweeter
FRONT: 6x9 in the door and a tweeter (about 1") upper part of the door trim

Sorry these are the only speakers I up-graded, so I don't know what the others might be.


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Yeah I may actually go all in and get another amp to be able to replace and power all these speakers. Otherwise, like you did- just replacing the door speakers only- will drown out the center channel and rear hatch speakers (whatever size they are) to the point of being useless

I did a lot more than just replace the speakers, here is a link of what I have now.http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=444695

I remember seeing your thread. Now you have me interested in the Bit One! Is it also a RCA converter or will I still need something like the AudioControl LC6i?

So you have the speakers you replaced running off an amp you installed, and the center channel oem speakers running off the oem amp, AND you can hear them over your aftermarket speakers?

Here is what I did, I have all of the factory speaker locations hooked up.
Replaced the 2 front door speakers and the 2 rear door speakers added 2 13" subs.

1)The Bit One gets the head-unit signals and sends them to the 5 channel Amp.

2)The amp powers the 4 front door speakers (mid-bass & tweeters) along with the 2 subs.

3)All other speakers gets their power from the stock Ford amp.

The Bit One is nice, it takes the high-level amp out-put and then you can use RCA cables or the digital out-put to the Voce amp. I tapped into the speaker wires after the factory amp (to the Bit One) then used a digital cable from the Bit One to the amp.

The Bit One controls the: cross overs (only speakers that are on amp power), adjusts the volume of each speaker on amp power, it will also do a sound adjustment on the speakers (only the ones powered by the amp).

I was not sure if I disconnected any of the factory speakers if that would cause any issues the FMYT system, so I kept them all hooked up. Looking back I don't think I would have replaced the rear door speakers, kind of a waste of money. When I used to compete in SQ contests, I always wanted the band playing on my dash with a wide sound stage, just like being at a concert with the band playing in front of you. So I am not a big fan of rear fill (or rear speakers).

I am still fine tuning the system to my likes, BUT a friend owns a car audio shop and has used the Sport to show what these components can do. Out of 3 demos he has made 3 sales, it sounds amazing with any type of music, with rap it falls a little short on the supper boom boom of heavy bass, but you can definitely feel the bass in your chest and butt. But I wasn't making a bass heavy car, I wanted sound quality and that's what I have. With the speakers and amp you do not hear any short comings from the remaining factory speakers.

JL Audio is coming out with a piece to compete with the Bit One and there is the Helix DSP Pro, Mosconi 6to8, Audio Control has a new piece also that can do the same thing. With the factory radio so involved with everything in the Sport I wanted to use a proven piece that would give me the sound I wanted without having to replace the stock radio

I hope this answers your questions, if not PM me and I will get back to you.

Thanks for the info!
So can the speakers on the factory amp be heard at all or are they nonexistent sound-wise to your aftermarket speakers on your aftermarket amp?
Do you happen to know the RMS wattage rating of the factory amp? What is the RMS rating on your aftermarket amp?
And did you run your own speakee wire or did you just hook up your 6.5s to the existing wire?

So that Bit One is a line out converter? Did you have to get behind the factory radio for anything at all?
If you'd prefer I PM you I can, but figure it will be helpful for others to see this as well...

The way mine is you can not hear the factory speakers. By using the Bit One remote controller you can adjust it so you can or can not hear the rear door speakers.

Not sure about the factory amp, they are NEVER correct when it comes to power.

AUDISON VOCE AV 5.1k HD: 75W to each tweeter, 250W to each front door speaker and 1000W to the subs.

The Bit One is a line out converter... but much much more.

No I never removed or got behind the factory head-unit. I did have to get to the factory amp located behind the passenger side panel by the 3rd row seat. I did not have to remove it but it is a very tight spot to be working in.

You can accomplish the same thing I have with out spending as much as I did, you may not have the same sound but I am kind of a audiophile.....with bad hearing. If I was still competing I could have moved up on some of components and spent a few thousand dollars more, but I don't think you could hear the difference while driving, only sitting a judging line maybe. I am very surprised how good of sound the factory Sony head-unit puts out, after reading about all the problems with Sync.