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2014/2015 Towing Capacity


I currently have a 2009 Ford Explorer 4WD XLT with a Class III hitch and have towed a trailer that weighs around 3,600 lbs without an issue. I purchased it used years ago when it only had 10K miles on it and it came with the hitch. I am approaching 175K miles on it so I am looking for a second one.

I am looking for a used 2014 or 2015 with either FWD or 4WD. I am confused about the towing capacity. The vehicles I am looking at have the 3.5L engines and one of them even has a tow hitch but I noticed the door decal has a GVWR of only 6,120 lbs. which seems to indicate the towing capacity of that model is only 2,000 lbs. When I look at the towing specs on the Ford website for 2016 models, it shows that all of the Explorers with a 3.5L engine can tow 5,000 pounds.

Any explanation would be helpful.


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February 11, 2009
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The Ford website you are referring to is most likely the site where you build the vehicle. That site will only give you maximum tow ratings. There is probably a footnote on that site that says something like "***when properly equipped", which means with the factory Class 3 towing package. Indeed, the V6 and V6-turbo motors both get 5000 lbs tow ratings with the class 3 package. But not all Explorers come with that package.

So, if looking in the used market, you need to be sure that the vehicle has the Class 3 package. On the gen 3 (2002-2005) and gen 4 (2006-2010) that was easy. If it had the larger 2" receiver, you knew it had the HD towing package. But for the gen 5, I'm not sure if there is a quick visual way to tell.

I recommend you check this section, or the gen 5 section, to answer that question. Also, I hope you understand that your 2009 gen 4 was on a truck frame, while the gen 5's are crossovers. That not to say they are not capable. If your 2009 was V6, and you were happy with it's performance, then a gen 5 V6 with Class 3 package should serve you well.


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January 23, 2016
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Look if there's a tow button on the left of the steering wheel, and then make sure it has the hitch behind the cover on the bumper. I think if it's got those 2 then it's a factory towing option.

That's based on my 2013 XLT's factory towing package. I added a Tekonsha P3 brake controller and couldn't be more pleased with how well this tows.