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2014 Carlisle All Ford Nationals!


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Okay, I'm sufficiently drunk enough to start this now...

IT'S THE 2014 ALL FORD NATIONAL THREAD, YAYYYYYY! Be there or be square!
After the awesome food fight and covered parking garage last year, we're definitely staying at the Comfort Suites in Carlisle again! I'm going to reserve two rooms again this year, if you want to save money I suggest you suck it up and bunk with us in a good ol-fashioned-sleepover ;) Here's the link if you want to reserve your own room: http://www.comfortsuites.com/hotel-carlisle-pennsylvania-PA266.

Carlisle's registration page is http://store.carlisleevents.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=2014%2D027, we're in the SUV class CLASS 400. CHOOSE IT OR DON'T ATTEND!! We all compete together in the same class!

Holy crap I am too drunk to be setting this up... anyway, there will be an award for the best shenanigan this year, as voted by the group. Yep, first time for everything!

As for fourwheeling, as much as I'd love to have y'all come up here for some free wheelin', the government has been cracking down hard in Freeland/Hazleton, sooooo... off to Rausch Creek we go!!! You have a choice of sleeping accommodations: either a hotel in nearby Pine Grove or camping at Rausch Creek. The Pine Grove Comfort Inn has traditionally always been good to us and tolerated our silliness- plus they have a heated indoor pool ;)
Linky: Pine Grove Comfort Inn.

Yeahh...I'm too hammered to post more coherent stuff tonight---- I'll update when I'm sobered up!!

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Hmm might bring the chevy to do some wheeling lol

vote, should I go this year?

Na..... If I do go, it will be with Skunk or no show....... endostory

Well then do it and stop being a sissy

as always, i am a definite maybe although i know i will change my mind at the end of feb. begging of march. i did however get enough smarts this year and booked my room in sept :D
last years fuel bill was $1100 round trip, so i am still kinda walking funny from that.

We'll be there! The link for the hotel isn't working thou

I don't think well be able to go wheeling this year. Emily has finals on the 9th and I can't get 3 vacation days off in a row.

Planning on going this year. Hope to have the Expedition on the road by then because I am NOT driving the ******* that far with no interior and a busted muffler.

I'm down for camping out so long as there's a place to take a shower or a pool. :D

try it again josh. i clicked on it, and it worked

Yup it worked on the iPad but not my phone! We're just doing Friday night in Carlisle and sat night would be at rausch right?

you know ill be thurrr =] shenanigans will ensue as for accomodations... idgaf lol

hopefully ill have my bumpers and winch on by then. possibly rebuilt trans and t case linkage should be dun.

I might drive up for the day again.

Just as long as you all dont make me wait until NOON for the rest of you to show up.....

Hopefully no one breaks down this year, Kev!

Wow, I am super impressed that the first post turned out to be as coherent as it is *pats self on back*. Apparently I also submitted an application to be in the 'all-female display' in building Y with Morgan :eek:

Josh, you and Kady are certainly welcome to crash in one of the rooms!

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Sounds good! We just do Friday in Carlisle the sat night at rausch creek right? They seem to have plenty of rooms there so I will cover it and you guys can crash with us if you'd like.