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2014 explorer awd not working


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December 7, 2023
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Lykens, pa
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2014 explorer interceptor
I bought a 2014 police interceptor explorer yesterday. Went on a slight offroad grade to see if the AWD was working and when I began to spin, “AWD OFF” displayed on the cluster. And only the front wheels spun. Same thing on a lift. No sounds coming from the ptu/transfer case. The rear driveshaft is not even spinning when on the lift. Any insight would be a huge help. I scanned the car and no active codes.
Thanks - Kaleb


Welcome to the Forum Kaleb. :wave:
Your thread was moved to the 5th gen PIU subforum. The manual showed 9 items for "AWD Off" but none addressed what you posted.
They referred to "over-heating" etc. which doesn't seem to be your issue. If your vehicle has the "Intelligent 4WD" display option then you could use that to see if AWD is working. It will show power to all wheels when starting off, especially a hard start.
P.S. love the picture.