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2014 Explorer cabin filter

cabin air filter

thank you for the reply on the cabin air filter. as i found out it is behind the glove compartment on a 2014 ford explorer. removing the glove compartment was not as bad as i thought, but be careful of the right side with the little strap, when you unhook it, it's hard to reattach. i use long needle nose pliers and carefully pull it back to reinstall. also don't let the glove drops to far down, it will break the plastic hinge on the bottom. use something to hold it up. other wise it is not hard.

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Just curious why the filter is being changed since it is reportedly good for 20k miles? Have you gone that far already?



i live right now in maricopa, az. lots of dust storms here. change it at 18500 miles.

Thanks for the reply. Already 18,500 on a 2014. I had around 11,200 miles on a 3 year old 2011 Explorer when I turned it in. :D


I have a 2013 and just changed the cabin filter 2 days ago. It is exactly the same as the 2011 in the youtube video posted earlier in this thread. EXACTLY. Just hope they put the clips in right at the factory or you'll learn a whole new realm of curse words while trying to remove them!!! The filter is behind a black panel in the blower motor housing and it is not as painfully obvious as you might think. That panel door integrates seamlessly into the rest of the black plastic behind the glovebox so as to be almost invisible. Once box is off, look to the middle left. It tilts slightly/is at an angle with the right corner lower than the left. The clips are on the bottom. Again, these don't just fall off either, it takes some oomph.

My guess is the 2014 is in the same location, they just made it easier to drop the glovebox.

My 2013 was just like this. I think one of the clips in my was twisted a bit in place and made it a bear to get out. One was way harder that the other. The rest was easier.

Our '07 Edge is way easier but I don't think it's as good a design. My old Mazda 3 hatch was a real PITA to change.