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2014 Limited 80k normal issues?


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February 7, 2014
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2014 Explorer Limited
I figured Id document the issues Ive had with my 2014 up to 80k to see if others are experiencing the same or maybe I have an underlying problem thats being missed.

About a year ago me CEL came on and upon taking it to the dealer found out the manifold on the left hand side of the vehicle cracked, so the catalytic converter on the LH side was replaced. I had the "carbon monoxide" fix taken care of as well as the warping front door panels recall done at the same time.

In December my CEL came on again - a P0456. Looking online it didnt see like an emissions issue (I had like 79500 miles when it happened). We also have had our rear camera go out a few times the past year but not reproduceable.

Due to alot of scheduling and Holiday travel we couldnt get the Explorer into the dealer until Jan 2 and 81000 miles. I inquired about a PTU fluid exchange to be safe not knowing if my dealer would actually do it.

After looking at Explorer the following issues were found:
Evap Canistor was casuing the P0456 - covered by ESP
Another code I didnt see showed a fault in the Right Catalytic Converter - not covered, past 80k warranty
Their diagnosing system found a fault in the rear camera - covered by ESP
A PTU inspection showed a leak coming from the right side PTU seal - covered by ESP

The PTU was fixed by replacing both inner and outer PTU seal, R&R right front axle.
Anything I need to worry about PTU wise with this fix???

Ford gave some some relief in covering 1/2 of the Catalytic converter cost (I had to pay $500), but jeez, BOTH catalytic converters going within 80k? Ive never had to replace one of theses on any car Ive owned......

We had 0 problems with the Explorer until 70K miles and now it seems all kinds of stuff is starting to break. Others seeing this as normal?

Glad I got the ESP for $950 for 8/100K......