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2015 Explorer Battery Goes Dead - Intermittently

Gary Hanna

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July 9, 2017
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2015 Explorer XLT
This started shortly after I bought the car in November 2014. I came out in the morning & no electrical power. I jumped it & ran fine for a couple days. Then dead again on a Saturday morning. I took it to the dealer who did a battery check & said everything (battery, charging, etc..) checked fine. So I went home. A couple weeks later dead again. So back to dealer and he replaced battery because he couldn't find anything unusual. About 6 months later the battery is dead again. I jumped it & back to dealer. Can't find anything.

We moved to another state and after several months the battery reared it's head again. I jumped it & took to a local dealer. Nothing found. A couple months later, repeat! Now the warranty has expired so I started looking at repair shops for a good electrical guy. It looks like I found one so I take it there. They keep the car for most of the week to monitor and found the BCM turning on some circuits at odd hours so we replaced BCM. Luckily, I had refinanced lease and bought a new warranty which covered total cost. Whew! But a couple months later, dead again. I took back to the repair shop and they found one cell on battery to be low. So I bought a new battery. A few weeks went by and dead again. The shop took it again for a few days and nothing.

So I called Ford to complain. They told me to take it to another dealer to have it looked at again. In the mean time I walked out in the garage and saw a glow coming from interior of the Explorer so i looked in & saw the dash (3 panels) & touch screen glowing solid white. No one had been in the car for 10+ hours. The new dealer had it most of the week and found nothing. But they did say that there was a similar issue with F-150 shift lever turning on power but nothing on Explorer.

I've yet to take it back to dealer because I needed car for trips. But recently we returned from a drive and my wife wanted to stay in the car to finish a text so I went in house. She said the dash & display lit up white twice in a few minutes.

Has anyone else found similar issues with the electrical system in an Explorer?