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2015 Explorer Sport vs. 2016+ Sport...Disappointing Test Drive.


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July 13, 2014
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Portland, OR
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2017 Ford Explorer Sport
Hey, everyone. I've been the extremely proud owner of a 2015 Explorer Sport for the last 6 years. It was totaled last month with only 37K miles. I test drove a 2017 Sport today with 25K miles and was extremely disappointed with the handling. My '15 handled WELL, even with the original cheap Hankook OEM tires. The '17 by comparison felt like it was 4-wheel plowing through my local traffic circle, and the new-looking tires were screeching like crazy. Completely opposite feeling than my sporty and agile '15. It just felt like an entirely different driving experience. I fell in love with my '15 at the first test drive, not feeling it at all with the '17.

What the heck? I need a replacement vehicle and desperately want another Explorer but I'm confused as to why the newer model year isn't as planted or is not nearly as much fun to drive. Am I missing something?


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What kind of tires are on the '17?

Sounds like me when my '15 sport was in the shop and I was given a '20 XLT. I realize the power difference, but just didn't dig the feel at all.

I've driven a few others recently, none of them behaved like the one I posted about. Must have been a fluke.