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2015 F-150 review


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September 1, 2002
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I recently had the opportunity to drive a new 2015 f-150 for a few days as a rental. I have thought about this as a future vehicle for towing and daily duty. As some of you may recall I had a 2005 F-150 for many years until I moved up to a f-250 a year ago.

The tester.
2015 f-150 xlt 4x4 Super Crew 3.5T ecoboost. 3000k on the clock.

Clean and nice lines. Good fit and finish. Love the auto lock tailgate. Seriously where has this feature been all these years?

Great dash, lots of interior room, back seat is almost limoish. Rear cup holder was already broken. Seats are Horrible! Very stiff and uncomfortable. Center fold down seat is a bit to big for my taste. Liked the '04-'08 better. Do like the hidden compartment under the seat however. Button on steering wheel are overwhelming. There is literally about 25 button:eek:

Motor (3.5 ecoboost ) is solid. Super quick You could get yourself in trouble pretty quick. Lots of torque. Mashed the skinny petal at 65 on the freeway and it dropped it into 3rd and threw me in the back seat.
Transmission seems good, but don't care for the sport switch gearing, didn't try the tow/haul or the manual shift buttons. Will see what more gears do in the future.

Over 660 miles LA to Vegas and back doing just over 80mph most of the way I got 17-18mpg slower speeds would have helped, but I expected a bit better considering the wife '06 Explorer 4.0 will get about 20 mpg on the same speed and trip. I'm sure they weight pretty close to the same with the f150 ' s new aluminum skin.

Final thoughts
I was impressed with the truck minus the seats and milage. However at $43k for a XLT and short on a lot of cool options, I think I would quickly buy a older truck and enjoy the deep pockets for other things. Selling my old '05 f150 for $11k seems like a hell of a bargain now with a small milage penalty, but great and classic V8 sound.:thumbsup:

Main thing that scares me about the ecoboost is what does it cost to replace turbo and other parts in the drivetrain once the truck is out of warranty. I do like the looks of the new F150's but will be sticking with my 240k mile silverado that is cheap to keep running. Also at $43k when you add tax and license a no down 0% interest loan for 4 years would be a $1000 payment. :eek: Good thing I like old vehicles.

My SD just hit 138k. Lots of life left, with my econobox daily driver. I can buy a lot of fuel for the savings :D