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2015 F-250 Electronic Throttle Body


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May 4, 2008
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I know this isn't the right section but I need some visibility.

2015 F-250 Company Truck (106,000 Miles)

Had a rough start issue on colder mornings so I figured spark plugs.

Since it's a lease truck we can't work on them.

Dealer came back and said spark plugs and the Electronic Throttle Body is failing. Never had any symptoms of that.

Parts will not be available till Wednesday.

Monday I am scheduled to go back to Miami (1,000 Miles and 13 Hours 1 way)

We have an F-250 in the shop yard that I could use but I would have to transfer about 1,000 lbs of service tools that I need for the job. A real turd of a job because I basically live in my truck.


Anyone have experience with a failing throttle body? Do they just go Kaput or do I get a warning as it gets worse?

I found some videos from Ford Tech Makuloco and have a much better understanding of how the EBT works.

Opinions or Experience welcome.


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