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2015 FPIU - Civilian Center Console - Power Distribution


September 25, 2023
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2015 Police Explorer
I've got a 2015 FPIU, bought a matching year civilian console, removed the shifter, all of that stuff.
I'd like to get it added and power ran to it; through the upfitters guide I see that there's a connector that supplies 3 individual 40-amp positives, different fuses, and then matching ground wires. This was labelled as a "6-way Front Power" connector (PT# 3U2Z-11S411-HEA).
If I took one of these wires and grounds, hooked it up to a power distribution box, what fuse should protect each cigarette lighter? I've got 3 I believe.

I also would replace the center console's rear AC controls with some USB replacements that you'd normally see in a lot of PIU civilian console swaps.
I'm sure I'd just use a fuse that's double each USB's current rating with some margin.
I've also seen one post converting to wattage, dividing wattage by 12V if the specs say something less like 5V, and then using the result as an amperage usage and adding some margin on top of that (2.8 amp usage -> 3/3.5 amp fuse).

Overall, just looking to see what fuse I should protect each cigarette lighter with (or wire 3 to one fuse? I've seen this in a video too) from a power distribution box with 40A power supply from the battery junction box.

Hello, please see @richey's video. Should help you out significantly.