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2015 Interceptor Steering Wheel Swap to Facelift


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September 26, 2022
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2015 PIU
Yes, earlier this year I upgraded to a leather wrapped wheel of the same wheel. But the other day, I got to swap my friends Focus ST pre-facelift steering wheel to the facelift ST wheel. I had to replace the airbag, clockspring and of course the wheel! It gave me the same idea to do the same to my vehicle! Has anyone been able to achieve the same on a Interceptor Utility? I haven't seen it on Explorer at all. I've been wanting to upgrade my wheel from the 2015 one to a 2016 facelift wheel. Would it be the same process as my buddies Focus?

I don't know if anyone has attempted to put a 2016+ Explorer steering wheel on a pre-2016 Explorer. The 2016 was the year it underwent a refresh and there were quite a few changes made internally with the electrical architecture. It was also the year that the list of fuses in the manual was shortened due to the BCM taking over some of the duties.


Pretty sure I saw a post or thread at one point that indicated the switch pack resistance values had changed, which means you'd need a newer SCCM as well, and whether or not that would be backwards compatible is questionable at best.