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2015 PIU 3.7L Oil+Water Pump, Timing Kit, & PTU Service. Parts & Tools, Everything Here?


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October 24, 2023
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2015 Ford PIU 3.7L
Service Spoiler Alert, LOTS of additional Info

--Service + Parts
**Water + HV Oil Pump (85psi spring), **Cloyes Timing Chain kit w/Phasers, **Front Main Seal, **PTU fluid + Transfer Case Vent Valve assembly, **Head Temp Sensor (ECT), **Lower + Upper Intake Gaskets, **Thermostat w/Gasket + Housing Gasket, **Fuel Injectors, **Crankshaft Pulley + Bolt + Washer, **Spark Plugs, **COP Boots, **PCV Valves, **Air Filter, **Oil Filter, **Cabin Air Filter, **Belt Tensioner, **Serpentine Belt,

--Common Tools
**6pt Deep Sockets - 5/8" SparkPlug, 19mm or 3/4" + 18 + 15 + 13 + 10 + 8mm,
**Short Sockets - 18 (6pt Impact) + 15 + 13 + 10 + 8 + 7mm + 1/4"
Short 3" 8mm Wrench, **Hose Clamp Pliers, **T-45 + 1/2" T-55 Torx, **Pry Bar Set, **3/8 + 1/4" Drive 6" Extentions,
**Hex - 1/4" + 8mm, **Rachets - 1/4" + 3/8" + 1/2"
**Torque Wrenchs - Shortish 20-100+ in lbs & Longish 25-200+ Ft lbs, **1/2" Drive Breaker Bar
**Pick set, for Seals/COP Boots if they Break/Tear

--Special Tools + Pneumatic
**Smallish Claw type Pulley Puller, **Camshaft/Timing Chain Hold Tool, **Cooling System Refiller ( I use Airlift UVU550000), **Heat Gun (PCV Hoses. **6+ Gal Pancake Compressor (60psi minimum) + **1/2" Drive Air Tool [Helps a bunch w/Crank Pulley]

**RP 75w140 Gear Oil, **1.5Gal RP 5w20 Full Synthetic, **High Temp Thread Sealant, Oil Resistant Gasket Maker, **BrakeClean (I have 67ozs +/- worth), 2x Towel Rolls, Oil+Coolant Containers,
**Zerex Yellow Coolant 2gal, **x5gal of Distilled Water for flushing contaminants and left over Coolant (For x2 Flushes & Mixing Coolant)

**Don't use ANY abrasives on Engine Surfaces [I did briefly] (Spray Brakeclean and Scrub LOTS, Razr Blade+Plastic Scrapers be Safe, Slow, & Careful not to take off metal)
**Don't use socket on Crankshaft End during Crank Pulley removal, ([Harmonic Balancer], Will cause indentation/Outline from the pressure needed to remove) Use a bolt or Washer that Fully fits Inside of Pulley & Bolt Hole Space, for Pulley removal

**Bring Gaskets, Rubber Pieces, Fluids, Cleaners inside or in warm area until needed
**Bring used Oil to AutoPart stores for Free recycling, Coolant to a Mechanic Shop [May/may not be charged]
**1/4" Bead max on Timing/Engine Cover Surface (Prefer Engine Surfaces)
**Cleanoff/Wipe Timing Surfaces on Engine side just before applying Gasket Maker (Oil Runoff)
**Flashlight (UV light helps see any Freon & Coolant leaks)
**Spray Lifters
**Wait 1hr for Final Timing Cover Torques after Gasket Maker applied, then wait 24 hours, then add Oil to Timing Components & Camshafts, then drain Oil Pan after Complete Engine reassembly

**Heavy Breathing**

**Zerex Yellow Coolant has the Best Temperature Protection compared to other brands of that Color
**Spray any Coolant runoff in Timing Area after Oil/Water Pump replacement, make sure to redrain Oil Pan + Oil Filter later and Oil change last
**Fill then Rotate Oil Pump a few times before Installing
**Lookup & Review Torque Specs
**Practice Installing Timing Cover w/out bumping into surfaces for when Gasket Maker is applied
**Disposable Gloves are also helpful
**Apply Oil after Timing Cover

--Prepare for and to have
**Time, Patience, Little Coffee, unknown Bleeding and Skin damage, $$$, Congratulating yourself

Images will be added as parts come in, anyone care to see Torque Specs added Here or Images Comparing New & Old Parts Side by Side, Part #s, purchased locations?

Anything I forget or should be added?

2015 PIU 120k miles, 8,400+ total Engine hours, 4,600+ Idle hours. Rear Diff + Tranny serviced 1,000 miles ago. Cams look normal to me, you?

--Not pictured yet
**Timing Kit, Lower Manifold Gaskets, PTU Vent assembly, ECT Sensor, many other Tools, me being accomplished