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2015 PIU Factory head unit swap questions


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September 27, 2022
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2015 Explorer PIU
I have a 2015 PIU I'd like to swap out the factory head unit with a factory navigation/Sony setup and I was wondering if it's plug n play? The first picture is my current setup, the second pic is what I'd like to swap into my PIU.
Any help is appreciated.

I ordered the obd2 controller for forscan and will be diving into the YouTube videos about it.

Screenshot_20220927-193732_Facebook.jpg Screenshot_20220929-065730_YouTube.jpg

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Nope. Not plug and play. There are companies that sell a "kit", about $2000.
I'm surprised a search on this forum doesn't have info on this. It's all over the Facebook pages for thee vehicles.

Although I'm not positive, I believe the unit you are looking to use for swapping has to be from a 2011-2015 Explorer. The 2016 refresh brought with it several changes.


One good thing about the earlier vehicles is that you can get a Metra kit for those and use an aftermarket radio. Likely much easier than trying to upgrade Ford parts.