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2016 / 17 roof rack removal

Would this procedure be reversible when it comes time to either trade or sell the Explorer?


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Yes, I don't see why not... as I've saved all of my original siderail parts, including down to the mounting bolts!

I then chemically cleaned the rest of the trough, and first put down a layer of 3M automotive-grade rubber double-sided tape

I appreciate your detailed write up of your modification to your explorer.
Would you mind specifying exactly the 3m rubber double sided tape you used as a base layer before the Cowels Trim piece.

Thanks agaain.

It's just a roll of 1" 3M Double-sided adhesive tape available at a local big-box hardware store, but it's called "extreme" or "automotive grade", depending on what you come across. Whatever you do, don't buy the lightweight tape, as it won't survive the heat and sun up on the roof. This tape is the same rubber-based tape used on automobile emblems. It's pretty tough stuff!

Up front, at the windshield, do you need to replace the white plastic trim underneath the "hockey stick" outer trim? Or is that part the same regardless?

Up front, at the windshield, do you need to replace the white plastic trim underneath the "hockey stick" outer trim? Or is that part the same regardless?
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To The Healer:

I simply re-used the existing piece of white plastic retaining clip on both sides, and pushed my "hockey stick" trim pieces down onto them. It does, however, require that you replace two of the bolts on each side to secure the other end. I put new adhesive sealer on the bolts before installing, and then filled the openings in the trim with more adhesive sealer, and then pushed some hole plugs down into each hole. To date, none of the four hole plugs have budged at all, not even after a few car washes!

Hi Everyone,

Looking to remove the Roof Rack Rails and replace with the PIU (?) parts.

Does anyone have all the OEM part #'s required to swap these out?

2018 Explorer Sport.

Thank you!


While it's really a "poor-man's way" of resolving the issue, it should do the job, especially since you cannot really see any of it in the first place (since it's all up high and on top).

It is the hockey-stick area that is the most visible, since it ends on the front by the windshield glass... so at least that visible area looks OEM.

Wanted to ask...how's the weatherstrip holding up over this past year or more you've had it on there? Is it peeling up or do you have any issues with leaks? Looks good and I'm looking to use your method, just wanted to get a good long-term update on it.

Thank you! Unfortunately, Ford seems to show the same part between both PIU and Mine:confused:

The PN's you want are db5z7851728aa and db5z7851729aa. They are the left and right top moulding that come on the PIU. The one's that are attached to your roof rail's won't stay down without the rails.