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2016 3.5 NA PTU questions


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March 14, 2017
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2016 Limited 4x4 3.5
So I have been reading up on servicing my 2016 4x4 3.5 NA PTU. Everything I have read is that there is no drain plug. Forgive me if I sound uneducated, but what are these 2 drain looking plugs for? There is the vent tube going to this, but it appears as if this is my transmission, not a PTU. Please school me on what I am looking at. Thanks!




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Earlier model years did not have drains. My 2011 did not. I believe this changed, and they all now have drain plugs. Not sure which year.

It was mentioned in another thread that only the 3.5L Ecoboost engine has a PTU with a drain plug.


So in my pic, is that the transmission? It would be great if the bigger bolt was the transmission drain plug.

I was under it yesterday installing OEM mud flaps. Since I had it raised I looked closer. Its the transmission. Now to find the fill tube/bolt or whatever they used this go round.

..... Now to find the fill tube/bolt or whatever they used this go round.
Are you referring to the transmission dipstick? I think that same tube is used to add the fluid.


I hope it has a dipstick, that would make fluid changes easy. I haven't serviced it yet.