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2016 Blizzard


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January 26, 2016
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Parkville, MD
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2004 Sport Trac XLT 4x4
I read some negative reviews of Sport Tracs in the snow, but I was impressed by mine.
It easily went through 2+ feet of snow.

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Everything I've read says they're great in snow. I've had mine 3 years now and have no complaints at all. I haven't driven through 2' of snow, but 8-10" several times with no problems.

When I tell people about the ability of my Trac I claim:

"No ditch too deep, no hill too steep..."

When I tell people about the ability of my Trac I claim:

"No ditch too deep, no hill too steep..."

Haha that's great! I haven't had mine in lots of snow since it was stock, but it has always done a great job! Here's a couple pics of the "snowpocalypse" we got in upstate SC. We got about 3-4", but a lot melted by the next afternoon when I took pictures. Ended up only having 3 wheel drive in the Trac since I broke an axle shaft late last year and haven't replaced it. She didn't let me down though!



2WD SportTracs are absolutely horrible in the snow. They are way too light in the rear. My 4WD, however, had no problems with the 20" of snow we got.

Gotta throw a couple hundred pounds of sand or rock in the back of any pickup for snow traction.

Not that I went very many places, but a buddy of mine doesn't have her driveway plowed so I took it through a good 18 inches of snow without even thinking twice. I took it over a 2 foot pile of snow to get close to my shed right after I got it too and it's crazy how instant the power is to the wheels.

I heard you guys got a skiff of snow down there. I find sport trac to be excellent in the snow. One of the few things it has going for it. We only have a foot of snow laying on the ground right now, and its a balmy -13 deg c this morning, so as you can tell its been a real mild winter compared to the last few years. With my Blizzaks I can get through anything. As for the 2wd, I find a couple old railway ties cut to length and you can plow through almost anything. I kept a couple in the back of my ranger I drove before the sport trac. Used a couple tie downs to keep them in place.

With the right tires, the ST is a snow machine. I pushed mine through 2-3 feet of virgin snow on top of a dirt road (the only way out of the house) for about half a mile a few years ago. I kid you not, at times the crusty top of the snow was just below the hood line. Went right through it. I was astounded.

Poor baby...lost her chains not long after that.

mine got me through 3' of snow this year. got new tires and loaded the back with 250lbs of salt in case i got stuck. (luckily i didn't) i was impressed by her eagerness to keep moving forward. every once in a while the back end will kick but that's mildly my doing cause i push the envelope to see where she'll break free. but she catches again pretty quick.

Blizzard 2015

Sport Trac and snow made for each other. Woke up to 2ft on Trac at hour 1 of a 12 hour blizzard of over 72". Had to move trac to blow out drive after the blizzard ended. Cleared windows drove up incline, maneuvered around our Flex to road in 4lo. Used wheel ruts to get to Snow blower, 5 hours later moved Trac back to drive and cleared snow off the roof and tonneau cover as they started to clear the road. this is the best vehicle I have ever had in snow, other than my surplus Dodge Power wagon I owned in the fifties.


Red Wing? I grew up there, graduated in 1980 but haven't been back much since.
Cheers :)

I have also read nothing but good reviews for it. I am also inclined to buy them for my explorer.