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How to: 2016 Explorer- Adding Remote Start Facts

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The answer should be yes but if you want to verify contact Nate @ Fairway Ford. It's been awhile since I have dealt with him but if he is still around he will answer your questions. JS7Z-19A361-A 2018 Ford OEM Ford Security System w/ Remote Start uses Factory Flip Key | Fairway Ford Parts. Remote start needs to be properly enabled for proper operation.

As for where I mounted the VSS. I chose that location for several reasons. Its a solid metal mounting area and I secured it extremely tight with ties however small bolts would have been better. That area carries vibrations well for shock sensing and where it was located I could use a small but long screwdriver to adjust the shock sensitivity without taking anything apart.

That looks like a very good location!

I already enabled the BCM and IPC settings for remote start and can see the climate settings. I have the manual HVAC system but enabled Auto climate for remote start as well as the rear defroster. I am hoping that during a remote start in the winter, that it will, automatically turn on the defroster and mirror heaters but not during spring or summer. Obviously because I have the manual hvac I am not expecting it to change those settings. I am just waiting for the VSS to arrive.

The JS7Z module is a bit different - all of the connector ports and the shock sensitivity knob are on one side, so the mounting will be a bit different.
But I installed it and the remote start feature works fine with the stock 315 MHz fob. Lock - Unlock - Lock and bam it remote starts!

The rear defrost stays on when I get in the vehicle to turn it on. I don't remember if this was normal for the factory remote start setups. Does anyone know? I have the climate set to Auto. Even with the manual HVAC system, I noticed the A/C compressor kicks on during a cold winter remote start, possibly for the front defog. I guess it makes sense since all of that can be electronically actuated with the exception of the manual temperature knob.

"Lock - Unlock - Lock and bam it remote starts!" That's a different sequence than the OEM remote start.


"Lock - Unlock - Lock and bam it remote starts!" That's a different sequence than the OEM remote start.

The factory remote start and the basic remote start feature of the VSS have different sequences. OEM factory remote start is Lock - Start - Start. The Ford VSS basic remote start is Lock - Unlock - Lock. The aftermarket 12Vsolutions can be LUL or Lock-Lock-Lock (and optional to disable the double lock horn beep via FORScan). FORScan (or dealer/IDS) is required to enable Remote Start, the climate features, rear defrost, parking lights on when remote starting, heated steering wheel/heated seats (if applicable) etc...

My factory 315 MHz also fobs don't have the remote start key, just lock/unlock/panic. This is where the LUL remote start sequence comes into play.

For my 2018 XLT, it was only a 200A with tow package, so I didn't have heated anything. I enabled the rear/front defrost and HVAC system and set it to Auto. I'm curious how this will work with the manual HVAC system.

Also, I got my VSS from Fairway Ford and the manufacture date of the module was only a few weeks ago. The labeling on the module's sealed bag said it was a 900 MHz module, but after thinking about it, the module doesn't need or use the antenna. It'd only interface via OBD2. The existing vehicle fobs/antenna wouldn't matter if it was 902 MHz or 315 MHz.