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2016 Explorer Limited Front Seats


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August 4, 2015
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Hello all. I have been looking at the 2016 Explorer Limited. My wife and I went by a dealership on one Sunday and found a few unlocked 2016 models that we were able to look at. One of the Limited had the standard 300A package with the 10-way power bucket seats and the other was equipped with the 301A package that has the multicontour bucket seats with Active Motion. I noticed that the 301A seats have a massage feature that the 300A package does not. When sitting in the seats the lower back portion of the 300A package seats felt more comfortable and the one with the 301A package felt more stiff and uncomfortable in the lower back area.

The 300A seat you could adjust the lumbar using the circle on the side of the seat, but the 301A package seats you could not. I am not sure if the one with the 301A package is just not adjustable unless the car is on or if it is more stiff because of the massage feature and equipment that it has inside. I called Ford and they suggested I search the Internet. I realize the 2016 models are slowly hitting the lot, but if anyone has any knowledge on if the actual seats are different or not I would appreciate it.

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I just got the 2016 Limited with 301A pkg the other week. Sorry, I have not sat in the standard 300A seats for comparison. I would say that I wouldn't pick the 301A package because of the massaging seats. I wouldn't really call it massaging. My husband describes it as if a mouse was let loose in the seat and is trying to get out lol. The lumbar and back etc are adjustable. I have adjusted it from the MyFord Touch screen.
I am loving my car. That said, I would describe the seats as a little stiff. But I never realized they were any different than a different package. Maybe they will loosen up some?

Multi contour seats will need to be adjusted while the vehicle is running.

I agree with your husband, but my wife wouldn't hence the only reason the 301A package is being considered. Ha. I do like some of the safety features of the 301A package, but I have lived without them so far and think I probably could still. That's for the quick response. I also worried a little about that massage feature wearing out the seat/leather over time.

Thanks AlexK. That answers my question.

This is a great thread.... we are in the market for a new explorer. We sat in a couple the other day and the difference in the seats hit us instantly! One set was really comfortable and the other was terrible. The ones we didn't like had bolsters on both sides of the butt that seemed too narrow. I have to go back over to the dealer and sit in them again to make sure I get the ones we want when we order.

301a has more options