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2016 Explorer Sport Downpipes or Borla Catback


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October 6, 2019
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2016 Explorer Sport

I am switching from a 2014 SHO to a 2016 Sport. I plan to run the Livernois 93 tune, Intake, 3bar, and tstat since it’s no charge to switch over to my new xsport.

I was debating on doing PPE downpipes and Borla Exhaust but I thought I heard somewhere that the sound isn’t great and it’s better to just do one or the other. According to Livernois the catback will give more power than the downpipes. My question is which one would everyone suggest for performance.

I have emissions but I’m on to return to stock and put 2bar back on when I go since the PPE won’t throw codes

Appreciate the help

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There are a few threads on aftermarket exhausts. Here is one post I found with a video.
Exhaust Options for the Sport

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Advice I got on another forum was to just do the PPE downpipes