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2016 Ford Cellular Remote Start - app is clunky - but it works


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April 24, 2003
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16 XLT
Yeah, I know the Ford provided (third party) app is clunky and very limited - BUT - I'm happy to say that I used the remote start for the first time since it was cold enough to try it out the other night and it worked well and even turned on the heated seats and heated steering wheel!

My 2011 with the long range bidirectional fob rarely would turn on the heated seats. The range was limited, but still good enough to go a couple blocks through the city to the garage I parked in.

I'm happy the cellular version on the 2016 will turn on the heat+seats+steering wheel. I spent 5 minutes on a shuttle bus headed to the car and when I got there it was warm and toasty. A pricey luxury, but I do so enjoy it.