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2016 platinum


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January 25, 2016
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95 rx7
Hello. Ended up buying my wife a new platinum a few days ago. We love it so far!



Once home in the day light we found a crease in the front bumper. :(



I've contacted the dealer, and they're going to look at it. I also have pics from it before we bought showing the crease/bulge, so it definitely wasn't us. Hopefully the dealership will make it right. They've been great so far.

But other than that we really like it!

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Very, very nice. Is that Wade taking the front plate off in the first picture? :D
Now all you have to do is update your profile "2016 Explorer Platinum".:thumbsup:


More pics more pics from different angles! Also, I don't know what crease I'm looking for in the bumper - don't see anything

I had to really look a second time. Is it that faint line above a horizontal line drawn from the front sensor to the license plate holder in the last photo? Hard to tell with so many reflections.


Oh yeah, that bulge is noticeable.
Let's hope it gets rectified and just another PSA for new buyers to take delivery during the day and spend as much time as possible to inspect the vehicle.
I had over an hour with my new delivery as the dealership had to run to the licensing centre to register my car and plates and was literally on hands and knees inspecting my Sport.

It's about 6 inches to the right of the little circular parking sensor. It's some sort of stress point from an impact I guess?? Prolly bumped it unloading it or moving around the lot I guess.

I actually bought it from speedway ford in griffin, but it was on the wade lot. So we went there to pick it up.

Eek, I'd get them to fix that asap. Since its brand spankin' new, it will stick out like a sore thumb

Dropping it off with them tonight. They say they'll fix it no problem.

Get them to remove the ghastly front license bracket, as well!