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2017 2.3 Ecoboost Vapor canister purge valve

I need to replace the vapor canister purge valve on my 2017 Explorer XLT, 2.3L Ecoboost. I have looked up the part number clearly printed on the piece to be replaced only to be told by various sites (Amazon, FordParts Online, etc.) that it doesn’t fit my vehicle. What’s up with that?! Part # is 9U5A-9G866-AA

If I simply search somewhere like Autozone by year and model I’m shown a part that is not what is under the hood. When I found an exact picture of it on AliExpress it said it was for a 09-14 Expedition.
Any assistance in locating the correct part would be greatly appreciated.

I really don't think it matters which vehicle your finding it on, as the 3.5L Turbocharged engine, should be what matters. If you want a part number confirmation, or cross reference compatibility, call a Ford Parts counter at a dealership. They should be able to tell you everything you need to know.