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2017 Explorer Driver Side Massage Seat Issue


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July 25, 2019
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2018 Explorer Platinum
Just dropped my car off cause I can't get the driver's side massage seat to function properly (first world problem I know). When you press the button on the side of the seat to active the massage the Sync screen never changes to the massage options. Even if I scroll though the Sync screens manually.. Settings > Multi Contour Seats > Driver and try to press the massage button, nothing happens.. just hear the button beeps. Funny thing is the passenger side works no issue (i can press the button and the screen changes, or select passenger on the Sync screen and then click Massage and it changes). I know the massage functionality works in the driver seat because when you do press the button on the side of the seat it turns on the bottom portion (last remembered massage setting), but I can't turn on the back or change intensity for that matter. Luckily I can turn it off by pressing the seat button again.

I checked all the wires under the seat and they are all connected.. I'm thinking the seat module will need to be replaced.

Anyone else ever have this issue?

[UPDATE] - Dealership called and stated the wiring harness under the seats are prone to loose pins, which was causing the issue, and that a new redesigned harness was available. They ordered the parts and are replacing both seat harnesses tomorrow.

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If you get any info on the newly redesigned harness, please post whatever helpful information they provide. It may help others. Thanks.
Never did use those seats in my 2017 Platinum and haven't used the ones in the Aviator either. :)


I will also add.. should have done this back in May.. They must take the seats out to perform the job.. my dealer in the process scratched up both interior front door panels.

Driver Door


Passenger Door

They agreed to replace both panels, since you cannot fix scratches in plastic (they are not cheap since you are replacing the entire inside of the door). The driver's door panel came in last week and I have an appointment this Friday (8/7) to have it replaced. Hoping the passenger panel comes in before then so both can be done the same day.

Here is a link to the listing of the driver's door panel: Door Trim Panel - Ford (FB5Z-7823943-CJ) | TascaParts.com