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2017- swap bench for driver's side bucket seat


November 27, 2017
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Ellicott City, MD
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2017 Explorer XLT
Looking at buying 2017 XLT with sport appearance package. Having hard time finding what I want (color, and various options), which includes 2nd row bucket seats. Found a lot with bench seat. It appears that the passenger seat is the same whether you get bench seat or buckets, I would only need to buy a driver side seat. The dealer advised against doing this. I see seats for sale on ebay, but since getting sport appearance package the seat is difficult to find since it is leather with suede insert and only used on that particular package. I am not looking at inflatable belt, so that is not issue. it is not powered tilt/fold like the 2nd row on sport so that is not issue. Is this feasible? Since buckets are $695 more expensive, I do have $695 to work with and could sell my seat to help offset cost even more. I saw similar thread, but it was from like 2012 so thought OK to repost similar.

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It can be difficult to find an Explorer on a lot with every option you want. If you are not in a rush, have you looked at a similarly optioned 2018 XLT to see what the cost difference would be? The last time I was at my dealership there were 8 XLTs with the Appearance Package. 4 Shadow Black, 2 Magnetic Grey, 1 Oxford White and 1 Ingot Silver and all with the 202A package. Did you do an online search or actual visits.


don't think I like the look of front grill as well as 2017. pictures look like grill is different color on sport appearance package than the rest of the blackout look. on 2017 everything was painted magnetic metallic. also the pattern on louvers is different. don't really like as well and cost will be more. They want to get rid of 2017. I did online search on ford website to get hits, then went to the actual dealer website to confirm and then contacted dealers. Problem is that where I live, they are like 1500 cheaper than in location where the ones that I would buy are located. That is a lot of extra to pay! Kinda want to get it soon. Went to buy one Wednesday so wife wouldn't have to drive an older vehicle to Thanksgiving at my family over 3 hours away. Had been looking for a while and they gave me good price, but of course I wanted to try to get lower. Drove down with plans of trying to get lower, but buying regardless. They sold it just before I got there! Then the car that wife had to drive had no power and check engine light flashing up hills. She made it to my family's, but I diagnosed it as blown head gasket and we rented her car to get home. I was in separate vehicle with kids.

so dealer that has one with everything I want, except bucket seats found me one with buckets that he can get. But it is $2600 more, for a $695 option! Can't justify that kind of cash for bucket seats!

so found one with bench seat out the door for $40,500 (Best deal I have found). Exact same vehicle except bucket seats in 2nd row ($695 option) is $42,900 (best deal I can find now and it is about 5 hours away). So $2400 extra for $695 option. I am really mad at myself for not making the deal for 41,600 for one with buckets!! and some advice for you all-the Baltimore/Washington area has great deals. Worth a drive (or even flight) to save some big $$$.

so found one with bench seat out the door for $40,500 (Best deal I have found). Exact same vehicle except bucket seats in 2nd row ($695 option) is $42,900 (best deal I can find now and it is about 5 hours away). So $2400 extra for $695 option. ..........
I'm sure that the extra $2400 includes more than just the bucket seats.


Nope, just buckets-and in different dealers in different markets. I found a quartz one with buckets 5 1/2 hours away. Bought it and they delivered it tonight. So no need to swap the seats. wife gets her buckets, and I got color i wanted (quartz or magnetic). The dealer with red one with buckets an hour away lowered his price by $400 as I was making deal on one I bought. The finance guy actually called me, not the salesman.