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2018 Expedition


February 10, 2015
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Northern NJ
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2012 Explorer Limited

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I like it but I think it now looks a lot like the Tahoe and Yukon.

I noticed the On* style antenna on the roof right away.

That back pass window looks entirely GM, but the whole vehicle overall looks great.

It looks very "sober", and lacks any "muscular" modern looks... this is what buyers like me to see in this segment. I do not think it competes well on "looks" with GM unfortunately. For sure it drives better.

I think it takes design queues from the 16+ Explorer and from the current GM Tahoe/Yukon design (especially the rear 3/4)

Wow, now this is how the Expedition should be. Ford was really lacking in the interior design and tech compared to the Tahoe and Suburban. The only thing I don't like is the back.

The guy mentions how they took a lot from Explorer because as millennials get older, they'll probably upgrade to Expedition. Also added Terrain Management from Explorer as well.

I drove 3 Expeditions from 96 -2015 when I purchased my downsized Explorer. The ONLY words for the new explorer BOOOOOORING and YUCK.. No muscle belly button family looking SUV NOTHING sets it apart.. Sorry Ford.. Cannot wait for the 2020 Bronco.

Yeah... not a fan. Hope the new Explorer doesn't get that boxy rear.

I like the 'boxy' rear look. That is one reason I've never pursued the Lexus RX.

The boxy look doesn't bother me either. I'm just not a fan because it won't fit in my garage :)

I like the 'boxy' rear look. That is one reason I've never pursued the Lexus RX.
Oh, I do understand that. Well, it's not like my 2016 is boxy either but not like the Tahoe. HOWEVER, I will say that the new Expedition does look more high end and I love the front of it.

that boxy rear might help you get stuff in the back - something that is problematic on the current explorer. I like it might not run out and buy the first one of course.

but I see one in our potential future. I like the idea of AL body weight savings make it get similar fuel econ to the explorer we own now.

Production startup is scheduled for September 25th. Orders accepted June 12th for those interested.


Just thought some Explorer fans might have some interest in what the 2018 Expedition will look like and offer:

Edit - Wasn't sure if the Automotive News link was working so this is from MSN.com
Thanks for the info - had no idea they were giving it a complete makeover. The Expedition has always been my favorite vehicle from Ford - I bought a used 2008 Limited, fantastic shape, had the retractable running boards - got compliments on that thing left and right and I was pretty near tears when I had to let her go after about 2 years. I had installed a kick-ass Kenwood head with Garmin GPS, DVD player (with the safety off so I could watch while driving), HD, Sirius, Bluetooth with hands-free phone and limited voice commands) which vastly improved the "wow factor". I loved that behemoth but, due to medical issues, she had to go - I had high payments and this was when gas was super $$$ - wasn't uncommon to fill the tank for $100+/-.

Every time I'd go the the Ford dealer to get subsequent vehicles worked on, I'd torture myself and sit in the brand new, $65k beauties. The 2 times I've changed vehicles since the Expedition, I've always looked all over the SouthWest USA for the perfect Expedition I could afford - yet none (in my price range) were even remotely close to what I had. Gas had come down and with it, big SUVs went back up - and I'm not one to settle for a lesser model, either! Limited or better with my laundry list of required options (toys) and, if one is willing to spend the money, one should get what they want.

It's funny how we get so spoiled so fast with our gadgets. My 2013 brand new Edge pretty near did everything...remote start,voice-control, auto headlights and wipers, etc. My current 2016 Explorer has - ALMOST - all the same things. But no auto-wipers! When it starts to rain, I'm waiting for my wipers to start!!

So back to this 2018 Expedition. Based on the pictures, the inside is astounding - very welcoming, plush, the "****pit" is a technological thing of beauty, and every seat looks like it could be a recliner! But the outside? No, no - what have they done? It almost looks like an Explorer and a Flex had an overgrown baby. I've always loved the Expedition because of the clean, nice, manly lines - it had a pleasing shape that caught the eye. GMC and Cadillac, Chevy have nothing to worry about in the "manliness" factor. I always loved the Tahoe of early 2000s - it had a "mean" look to it and the revamp of that turned it into same ole, same ole - boring lines - just a plain, large SUV. The Expedition has always had a pleasing, manly shape. Until now. I've never liked the Flex - similar to a Johnny Cab from original Total Recall! Only now they've super-sized it. Perhaps it will grow on me. I've always liked the facelift of the Explorer a great deal, maybe this will grow on me - but the Tahoe has still never attracted me as it did in days passed - so it may be with the Expedition as well. Okay folks, that's my blog for today, tune in tomorrow when I'll ramble on about something else to completely bore you!!