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2018 Platinum Extended Cargo Cover?


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October 12, 2018
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San Antonio Texas
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2018 Explorer Platinum
I have a 2018 Platinum with 2nd row bucket seats. Is anyone aware of an aftermarket cover I could place OVER the folded buckets to extend the flat cargo area? Need the space for some large dogs!! Appreciate any advice!

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You would need something very sturdy if you don't have the 2nd row console. I, or rather one of my dogs, found that out a while ago. I have a second cargo liner that I kept from a previous MKT and find it very useful in covering the folded seats when I'm loading yard waste etc. One day while I had that cover pushed up and in place one of the dogs walked over the area where there is a space between the buckets and the cover sunk in along with the dog. I don't have the 2nd row console so there was no support in that area. Here is a post that shows what one member used. If you contact the manufacturer perhaps they might have something similar for the bucket seats. I know there are other pictures here as well. Good luck. My New Explorer


Plywood and a jigsaw? Then cover with appropriately tough/thick rubber and finally a rugged washable fabric. I'm curious what solution you come to. I have an 80 lbs American Bulldog, but only one, so he gets the entire cargo area full time. We haven't seen the 3rd-row seats since right after purchase.

I bought 4 doormats at Home Depot. I keep them in the area behind the 3rd row until I need them (like when I am Home Depot getting mulch and flower bed stones. I then remove them, lower the seats to a flat position and lay them out.