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2020 Aviator Perfect Position Seat Issue


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September 7, 2011
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So my dealer got their demo unit in yesterday and I test drove it last night. Everything was great except for one issue. Even after adjusting the seat as low as it would travel, my sight line was only a couple inches below the top of the windshield. If I flipped down the sunvisor all the way to the windshield it would block my entire view except for the HUD display. The headrest in its highest position was well below my head, I could lean my head back and the top of the headrest would hit the middle of my head. I have driven a Navigator with these seats and it was fine, sightline was perfect. Is there something messed up with their demo? I am 6'1" and only had about 2 inches clearance to the roof. I don't recline the seat back very much, unlike some people, but I have never driven any Ford or Lincoln product, no matter how big or small that I couldn't get the seat down enough to put my eyes around the AS1 line level.

Edit: The published headroom for the Aviator w/Vista Roof is dang near the same as my '12 Explorers maximum that I measured with the dual panel moonroof. The published number for my Explorer is for the steel roof.

So had the opportunity today to compare the perfect position seats to the normal seats in the Aviator. The first thing is the normal seats have a more cushioned feel vs the firmer feel of the perfect position seats. The second thing is that the perfect position seats are about an inch or so higher than the normal seats.

I found that the perfect position seats are very tight just above my hips. I'm a pretty trim guy and while it gives a sporty feel, the setting was at it's most open. I asked the dealer to sit in the standard seats, and I agree, more cushion, and were a bit looser on my sides. Didn't notice the height thing you mentioned, I figure the door adjustments will take care of that.