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2020 Aviator Reserve

Zeigler is the only pricing I’ve found so far. It is $1710 for 8/100 with enhanced first day rental and lighting. Anxious to see Joel’s prices.

There is no reason to pay for enhanced 1st day rental when you get free rentals from Lincoln.

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Picked up yesterday at 5:00pm.
It is amazing, everything they have been saying and more.
The phone as a key is not ready to roll out yet, it's supposed to be in a month or so.

The intelligent cruise control works very well.
The only issue with it so far is that it reads speed signs on both sides of the road.
So if your on a service road of the highway it saw 50km (on the right side) then 100km (on the left side)
It also saw the 60km min speed of the highway, so maybe a little tweaking needs to be done.

The seats are comfortable AF, the massage is sooo much better than my 2018 Explorer.

Over all I'm already in love.

For those of you still waiting, it's worth the wait.
For those of you still on the fence, jump off and get in..

Just wanted to ask how long it took to get used to the seats? To me in the short time I have sat in the Aviator and driven it the 30 way seats seem off, whereas the base seats were cushiony. I also notice that it seems to sit higher. I am 6'1" with a large frame, so don't know if that is part of the reason, or if I just need to find my fit.

No deals to be had.
Take it or the next guy will.
Mine was the second to arrive at my dealer.
The first one is a black on black (which I don't like)
They were stock orders, so I put a deposit on it back in April.
The day the first one came in it was sold, but the guy can't take delivery until the end of September, because they need it in the showroom.
So. I am one of the first (if not the first) Aviator driver's in Montreal.
My reseve 1 ordered labor day weekend was ordered with $1000 over invoice (more than $3000 off MSRP. This was from a dealer just outside Oklahoma City but in the metro area. The in-town dealer was MSRP only and kept saying $5000 over sticker in Dallas. I never checked that out.