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2020 Explorer Limited TPMS Fault

Charles Voyles

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May 3, 2018
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2016 Explorer XLT
Out of the blue, our 2020 Limited started showing a Tire Pressure Monitor Fault and all 4 wheels reporting no data. I took it to Discount Tire and they put the TPM in learn mode and trained each sensor/tire. Their device read each tire and pressure and the car completed the training process but the fault remained. They tried this 3 times and I took it for a 15 minute drive but the fault is still there. Before I take it to Ford, I thought I’d check with this group. Has anyone run into this or something similar?



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I wonder if perhaps for some reason the programming was deleted/lost. I did some searching and found this interesting info which I pulled from the article itself.


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When just one sensor fails, it is likely related to the sensor itself. Since all 4 are not registering, it seems logical that it is possibly related to the module. I doubt you are going to solve this one on your own. Perhaps try disconnecting the battery for a while and then re-connecting. Otherwise, the dealership will need to put your vehicle on their scanner and see what module is having an issue.
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