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2020 Explorer Windshield Replacement


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August 3, 2020
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2020 Ford Explorer ST
Hey All!
I bought my 2020 Explorer ST in silver spruce right after covid hit. I love it so much....sport mode is so fun. I've been having a great time with it.

Last week, a rock cracked my windshield 😫 it was the same week I made my first payment! I initially didn't believe it was a rock, but the service dept at my dealership confirmed there was a rock chip. My insurance company, Erie, does their repairs though Safelite. My dealership won't do business with safelite so my only option there was to pay out of pocket at my dealership and get reimbursed by safelite. The other option was just to have safelite do the repair...which i wasn't 100% comfortable with in the first place just because there are so many sensors in my windshield and I just feel like a ford garage can handle a Ford better! I had my dealership work up an estimate, and the gentleman told me that I need to replace the pillar moldings when the windshield gets replaced.
Safelite doesn't do that and is telling me the 2020 explorer does not need the pillars replaced anymore.
Can anyone clarify?