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2020 PIU headlights - differences?

Cobra Jet

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April 11, 2006
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Can anyone confirm if there are different headlights used on the 2020 PIU?

I’ve been looking at quite a few online and it appears that some headlights are tinted very dark and others are clear like the standard Explorer...

see attached images (all different vehicles at different dealers)








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I don't believe there are different headlights being used, what you're seeing may be the issue of lighting for the photo. One change I have noticed is that the old "Police headlight housing only" option is now standard, meaning they are now all predrilled for warning lights. It does remain a separate option for taillights.

You are correct about the standardization of the Police Only Pre-drilled headlights. The plan from Ford is to offer as much outfitting or outfitting "Prep" as possible from the factory to try and alleviate the exhaust issues that have plagued the PIU do to poor upfitting practices. If Ford can do all the pre drilled holes for headlights, tail lights, lift gate and roof antennas then they will significantly reduce potential problems. Soon I believe you will see tail lights included as standard. I have been to TDM their outfitting mod center and they have very rigid standards for where and how holes are drilled in the vehicle. The next Police Advisory Board meeting is May so I can advise after that.

The Ford Explorer ST and ST-Line have a tint similar to the Police models 2020-Present models, however that is only applied to the tail light asembly, the headlight assembly appear to have a unique tint on the Police models which I've not found in any other model of Ford Explorer.

No, PIU are not that tinted. Someone bought aftermarket lenses. PIU would never be that tinted because in some states it (any tint) is illegal, and in others, more than a certain % (which is less than that would cause) blockage is. At the same time I agree with VCFP153, some of the effect may just be lighting/reflection when the photo was taken.

Why on earth would a PIU have any tint? Would it somehow disguise that there's a LEO inside? ;)

you can get a good look at PIU headlights on Ebay. Not tinted but housing behind lenses are blacked out with no chrome and no white strip DRL.