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2020 Platinum. Looking for advise on issues and annoyances.


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June 30, 2020
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2018 Platinum
Purchased a 2020 Platinum back in March 2020. Since then we have only put about 3500 miles on it as we're not really happy with a few annoyances and one rather large potential problem.

Lets start with the big issue first. One three occasions so far, when starting the truck we hop in, foot on the brake and put it in gear. On each occasion we get a series of warning messages on the dash about braking system failure along with a list of other system failures. The last time the truck began to roll under it's own power at idle with my foot firmly on the brake pedal. The truck would not stop and the ebrake would not engage. I finally put it in park using that stupid rotary knob. Dealer says they see nothing in the computer and can't reproduce it. If this had happened in a crowded parking lot or garage I would have hit something.

Now for the annoyances. The rear view camera is almost useless. The screen is too small when displayed side by side with the overview angle. Each time I get in it I have to put it in gear then hit the rear only option. Can this be defaulted to rear only? There is also about a 10 second delay when putting the truck in reverse before the options to change to rear camera displays. I can see the images on the screen but the options to select one or the other are not present.

Rear back up brake assist. WAY too sensitive. My driveway has a fence on either side. The truck sees this as an obstruction and slams on the brakes. We got snow here yesterday and the sensors pick up any little mound of snow and an object and slam on the brakes. Can this be turned off?

Start / Stop. Why good lord are manufactures doing this to people. Can the Start stop feature be disabled? Is there some type of work around to trick the system into turning off ?

Main gauge display missing Tach. Is there any way to have the gauge display that you see when in Sport mode as the default? I like the layout when in sport mode but don't care for the way the truck drives in sport. Everything is way too sensitive and the way it holds gears between shifts is aggravating to say the least. The normal and Eco display's look cheap and incomplete.


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December 28, 2010
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2020 Aviator Reserve
A few of the items you brought up have already been discussed and can be found using the Forum's 'Search' feature.
TSB 20-2291T Reverse Brake Assist; List of Useful Threads - 6th Generation Ex and Aviator Recalls, TSB, FSA and SSM
I don't know about the tach display. I have the Aviator and the tach is displayed in 'Normal' and Conserve (ECO) modes. Have you gone through all the possible display setups? This thread touches on the tachometer; Annoying things you have found that ford needs to fix
As for that "stupid rotary knob", I think you better get used to it. I see more and more newer vehicles coming out with that type of setup. My Aviator has a 'piano key' type shifting mechanism.
Good luck.



January 19, 2018
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2020 Ford Explorer ST
I have the autostop eliminator on mine St and F150 It is simply a switch that installs and remembers the last position of the factory switch. Works like a charm and I am happy with it.